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Functions of the Office of the Dean of Student Life:

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New Student Orientation and Student Support

The Office of New Student Orientation and Student Support provides on-going programs and services that support new students and families in transition to SMU. This office is responsible for SMU's Two-Step Orientation Process, which includes AARO (Academic Advising Registration and Orientation) and Mustang Corral, a three-day, two night retreat for incoming students. They also plan the Encore Series, a sequence of activities throughout the school year aimed at helping new students stay connected.


Student Development and Programs

The Student Development and Programs Office has the responsibility of supervising and supporting the five program offices in Student Affairs Programs, which are Student Activities, Multicultural Student Affairs, Fraternity & Sorority Life, the Hughes-Trigg Student Center and the SMU Women's Center. This office is also responsible for the Social Event Registration Process and the Friday Update e-mail of upcoming activities sent weekly to the campus community.


Parent and Family Programs

Parent and family involvement plays a key role in college choice and in the academic success of students during their college years. The Parent and Family Programs Office works with the SMU Mothers’ and Dads’ Clubs as well as individual parents in creating, maintaining, and promoting parental involvement in appropriate aspects of University life. Through the support of the Parent and Family Programs Office, SMU remains committed to establishing and maintaining a sound relationship with parents and families throughout their student’s time on campus and beyond.


Student Conduct and Community Standards Office

The Student Conduct and Community Standards Office assists students in their personal development by providing a fair conduct review process that issues consistent sanctions for behavior that is incongruent with the University’s expectations for students. The Office addresses academic and non-academic behavior.


Honor Council

This council uses the SMU Honor Code to oversee the academic conduct of all undergraduate and graduate students with the exception of those SMU students enrolled in the Schools of Law and Theology. Advised by the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards.


University Conduct Council

This council is comprised of two SMU staff members, two faculty members, three students and two student alternates. The council serves as a board of final appeal for cases originating from disciplinary proceedings by University Conduct Boards and Conduct Hearings as a result of an alleged violation of the SMU Code of Conduct.

University Conduct Council

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The Office of the Dean of Student Life is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.