Virginia-Snider: The Honors Residence Hall

Current Honors RA: John Gray

Virginia-Snider (V-S) provides a place for Honors students to live and learn together.   The two halls were connected upon renovation in 1997 and were designated as the Honors residence halls.   V-S is a four-class hall and holds 258 residents.   Virginia suites consist of two double occupancy rooms connected by a shared study room; two community bathrooms are located on each floor and each room has a sink and mirror.   Snider suites have two double occupancy rooms connected by a shared study room and in-suite bathroom.   There are two hall study lounges, one TV lounge, one game room, and one computer lab.  

Conveniently situated in the heart of campus, V-S is located off Bishop Boulevard, between the Memorial Health Center and the Umphrey Lee dining hall.  Fondren Library and the Hughes-Trigg Student Center are only a short walk from Virginia-Snider. In addition, some sections of the first-year Honors Rhetoric courses are taught in four of the hall's very own study rooms.  

Honors students are not required to live in Virginia-Snider, although residence is encouraged.   On average, nearly 60% of the first-year Honors students as well as a sizable percentage of upper class Honors students choose to live in V-S. The room arrangements, as well as the available study lounges, create an environment that allows students to study in peace, yet V-S remains one of the most active residence halls on campus with residents involved in activities and organizations across campus.

Another perk of V-S is the North Area Desk, which is conveniently located in the front of the residence hall. If you get accidentally locked out of your room, it's only a short trip to the front desk to get a replacement key. The North Area Desk is an asset to students living in V-S; the friendly desk assistants can connect you directly to the RLSH office or to on-campus maintenance services, and if you're nice, they'll even give you advice on where to eat dinner out. Also, if you are in-between classes and you are not in a hurry, it is encouraged that you chat with the desk assistant on duty, as they all work long hours to be a convenience to the student life in V-S.

Hall Traditions include: Virginia vs. Snider Hall Olympics, Homecoming Float, Week of Spring Fling

The Honors Residence has a rich historical tradition at the core of SMU. Virginia Hall (named for Virginia K. Johnson) was built in 1926, and after it later united with Snider Hall, V-S hall has been home to one of SMU's most enigmatic campus symbols. This symbol is the Snider Elephant. It is rumored that C.W. Snider, for whom the "S" in V-S is named, was quite fond of collecting elephant figurines. When the hall was built, the constructors decided that a painted elephant should adorn the peak of Snider Hall.

To this day, many wonder about the purpose of the Snider Elephant. Does it hold a secret meaning? Why does the elephant face west? The Honors program cannot answer these questions, but we can only state that every now and then, students speak of an elephant roaming the halls late at night...


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