Division of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

Vice President for Student Affairs: Dr. Lori S. White
Perkins Administration Building, Room 203
Ph: (214) 768-2821

The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for the oversight of educational and developmental programs in and out of the classroom settings at the University. The initial purpose of the Division is to support academic endeavors, however, it also works to extend what is learned in the traditional classroom into the free time and recreational activities of students. The Division is staffed by masters and doctoral degree professionals and a number of clerical and service personnel. Many students are also employed by the Division in positions of leadership in the residence halls and other activities areas. The sense of community for students is critical to student success inside and outside of the classroom. The many programs and services which are sponsored by the Division are directed towards the creation of a very close and lasting sense of community, which allows students to support each other while they grow through their shared college experiences.

Associate Vice President & Dean of Student Life

Dean of Student Life ad interim: Dr. Stephen Rankin
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 302
Ph: (214) 768-4564

Center for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

Director: John Sanger
Memorial Health Center, 2nd Floor
Ph: (214) 768-4021

Chaplain & University Ministries

Chaplain & Minister to the University: Dr. Stephen Rankin
Asst. Chaplain: Judy Henneberger
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 316
Ph: (214) 768-4502

Community Engagement & Leadership

Director: Stephanie Howeth
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 200
Phone: (214) 768-4403

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Director: Dr. Cathey Soutter
Memorial Health Center, 2nd Floor
Ph: (214) 768-2277

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports

Executive Director: Jorge Juarez
Ph: (214) 768-3374

Dedman Center Rooms: (214) 768-4732
Courts: (214) 768-3374
Outdoor Field: (214) 768-3367

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Director: Kristal Statler
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 300
Ph: (214) 768-8466

Health Services

Executive Director: Patrick Hite
Memorial Health Center
Outpatient Medical Clinic Phone: (214) 768-2141
Mental Health Center Phone: (214) 768-2860

Hegi Family Career Development Center

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
& Executive Director:
Dr. Troy Behrens
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 200
Phone: (214) 768-2266

Hughes-Trigg Student Center

Director: Richard Owens
3140 Dyer Street
Staff Office: Hughes-Trigg Rm 315
Phone: (214) 768-4500

Multicultural Student Affairs

Director: Creston Lynch
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 300
Phone: (214) 768-4580

New Student Orientation & Student Support

Director: Lindsey Koch
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 307
Phone: (214) 768-4560

Parent & Family Programs

Director: Dr. Deanie Kepler
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 302
Phone: (214) 768-4797

Residence Life & Student Housing

Dean: Dr. Troy Behrens
Boaz Hall - West Entrance
Phone: (214) 768-2407

Student Activities

Director: Dawn F. Norris
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 300
Phone: (214) 768-4400

Student Conduct & Community Standards

Associate Dean of Student Life: Melinda Sutton
Assistant Dean & Director:
Dr. Evelyn L. Ashley
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 302
Phone: (214) 768-4563

Student Development & Programs

Executive Director: Jennifer "JJ" Jones
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 323
Ph: (214) 768-4411

Student Media Company

Executive Director: John "Jay" Miller
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 314
Phone: (214) 768-4555

Women’s Center for Gender & Pride Initiatives

Director: Karen Click
Hughes-Trigg Student Center, Rm 313
Phone: (214) 768-4792


Last revision - 02 Aug 2013


The Office of the Dean of Student Life is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.