Student Interventions Emergency Situation - Imminent Threat of Harm

If an RA, staff member, or SMU PD officer learns that a student has been talking about harming him/herself or others and/or engages in any type of self-destructive or psychotic behavior, he/she should, in conjunction with the Counseling and Testing/Mental Health staff, mandate referral within 24 hours to counseling. At this point, the professional staff will request the student sign a release of information, conduct an assessment, and arrange transportation to the hospital if necessary.

Then the RA, staff member or SMU PD officer will notify one or more of the following as deemed appropriate:

  • Dean of Student Life – 214-768-4564
  • SMU PD – 214-768-3333
  • Daytime - Counseling and Psychiatric Services – 214-768-2277
  • Chaplain’s office – 214-768-4502
  • Evening and Weekends – 214-768-2277
  • Others as necessary
  • Residence Life & Student Housing Staff Member on call

The Dean of Student Life in consultation with the Counseling and Testing/Mental Health staff makes other notifications as appropriate.

Counseling and Testing/Mental Health staff members are responsible for conducting a follow-up with the person(s) who reported the student.


The Office of the Dean of Student Life is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.