Alcohol & Drug Education/Programming
Request for Funding

This form is to be used by Student Organizations and departments within the Division of Student Affairs to request funds to help pay for expenses related to on-campus events and programs that are designed to educate students and provide learning opportunities concerning alcohol and drug abuse. The request should be made at least seven (7) days in advance of the event, so the proper approval can be completed before the event occurs.

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 NOTE: Multiple dates may be entered if the event is repeated.
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Be prepared to print the confirmation page when it appears - you cannot submit this form electronically. You will then sign it and obtain additional signatures, if required, before submitting it to the Dean of Student Life Office for review and approval. To request multiple funding requests for separate events, print the result on the next page, then click the [back] button to return to this page and change the information above to reflect each additional request. This must be done after you click the submit button below for each request.