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David Nathan Meyerson Fiction Prize

The winner of the 2013 David Nathan Meyerson Fiction Prize is Darrell Nicholson. The winning short story, "Skyway," will appear in Southwest Review Volume 98, No. 4.

Meyerson Fiction Prize Finalists were:

Jim Fairhall
"Bau Bang"

Margaret Eaton
"Good Jordy Good"

Paula Brancato
"First Kiss"

Shannon Sweetnam

Jessica Walker
"The Squib Load"

Elise Atchison
"One Shovelful of Dirt"

Danny Lorberbaum
"Burying a Stone"

Caroline Tracey
"Mink" and "The Splendid Reclamation of the Dynamo"

Paul Byall
"The Flight of the Starlings"

Mark Lawley
"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

C. M. Barnes
"Electric City"

Daryl Murphy
"Blue Notes"

Ben Hoffman
"The Defenders of Burh Park"

C. B. Anderson
"Two Falls"

This year's judge was Ben Fountain. Congratulations to Darrell Nicholson and all of the finalists. It was an honor to read your work.

To submit your story for the 2013 Meyerson Fiction contest, click here.

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