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David Nathan Meyerson Fiction Prize

The winner of the 2011 David Nathan Meyerson Fiction Prize is Babette Fraser Hale. The winning short story, "Silences," will appear in Southwest Review Volume 96, No. 4.

Meyerson Fiction Prize Finalists were:

Jennifer R. Adams
"Coward Springs"

Lanre Akinsiku
"152 miles on the road to nowhere"

Paula K. Read

Judy Salzman
"One Thing That Scares You"

Lones Seiber

Alexander Solomita
"The Ninth Step"

Andrew Steiner
"Imposition of Ashes"

Peter Topolewski
"Long Roads to Crazy 8s"

Justine van der Leun
"Liam As He Was"

This year's judge was Francine Prose. Congratulations to Babette Fraser Hale and all of the finalists. It was an honor to read your work.

To submit your story for the 2012 Meyerson Fiction contest, click here.

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