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Following are readers' general comments and responses to questions related to the show.
Pam Brown, mother of Desiree D. Brown SMU grad 2006, and Brandon B. Brown (Senior SMU Student) graduating Dec. 2006

Did you think they would win?: 7 September 2006

Absolutely we cheered all the way! We knew these three outstanding students at SMU could win. Proved us right. Good for you three. Congrats! from a proud Mom of a SMU STudent and Alum from SMU 2002 class!

General Comments: 24 August 2006

I always thought Francis was "slow" becuase he is so socially inept.
— Laura Martinez

So pround of our SMU students!

General Comments: 24 August 2006

Did not see the show. SMU has a lot of bright students, and these students are smart indeed, of course, but in time let's really see what they produce that is lasting and significant.
   A lifetime is necessary to establish a genius. I realize this is cold water on the SMU promo, and not welcomed, but I prefer the long haul, not a show.
   I do not know who the Southies are? Air Force I assume is the Academy. I am not into contemporary culture and found it rather sterile.
James A. Glasscock

General Comments: 23 August 2006

I thought the finale was great and I was rooting for the Southie Boys, but to be honest I never thought they’d figure the final puzzle out (not to be mean, but like they said, it would have taken them weeks). The Geniuses seemed most likely to win to me at that point over Air Force. I really enjoyed watching this show all in all and I even learned some more history of the United States, even from playing the online NBC challenges. I think the show deserves to be back for another season, and if it were, I’d definitely be watching it. Hope there’s another season just as thrilling.

Awesome!!!! I love these guys! It’s nice to see such a deserving team win one of these shows for once. I thought it was so sweet how Francis encouraged Sam to get up that mountain. And I felt so bad for poor Sam when he was sitting in the swamp, looking so hopeless and unsure if Charles and Francis would return for him. But when Francis showed up… awww… very touching.
The boys had so many close calls during this show, that they should have been called “Team Puddin’s”. I’ve never had my nerves rattled so much. I’ll miss my Monday night bouts of IBS.
Congrats to the guys and I hope they get all the success and poontang they deserve! J

Hey --- When did Sam start wearing Shoes??? J Never wore shoes when he was at UTD!! Or eating Pumpkin Pasta!!!!
Tiny’s parents,
Jim And Sally Dolan

General Comments: 22 August 2006

Since the beginning of this season, I have been rooting for Charles. Not only did the intellectual and physical perfection that he exemplified during the hunt qualify him as an excellent candidate, but also the consideration that he seemed to have for the other contestants. I would like to wish him good luck and all the happiness in the world!
Sloane W.

Congratulations Geniuses! You've made your extended SMU family very proud! You have overcome obstacles, both mental and physical, and walked away the better for it. As you go through life, you will have this great experience to draw from, and be able to conquer whatever challenges you come up against. Good luck with your future fortunes! With your smarts, you should be able to make them grow to even greater proportions.
Jacqui Mekias

I am so proud of the guys! Yeah SMU! The first thing out of their mouths was how they could help their families…how awesome is that!
Way to go!
Gail Morris

It was especially exciting last week but this week was awesome. I was so proud for the guys - our geniuses.
Congratulations Guys!
Rose Torres

General Comment: 21 August 2006

I've been cheering for the Geniuses since day one. Being a nerdy girl myself, I hate to see the jocks win out over intelligence. Let them go on Fear Factor and win something!
— Eve

General Comment: 16 August 2006

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
One of the things I have noticed about Francis and Sam and Charles on their 'detour' is that they have seemed to be enjoying the challenge to their collective minds, and the selfless ways they have supported each other throughout, apparently enjoying the 'scenery' of all that has happened to them.
I do so much hope they will be the first to find the treasure on Monday, tell them all we will be wishing them well.
Whatever happens I think they will be remembered for a long time as a good example of teamwork and a refreshing change from the negative stereotypes of today's youth......
Go Go Go....Geniuses !!!!

— Dave Smith

Q: Who Will You Root For On Aug. 21?

Absolutely, without any hesitation we will be cheering for SAM, FRANCIS and CHARLES ! Go guys all the way !
We sure hope you will win ! You deserve to win ! You have been playing this game with dignity,charm, pride, self- respect, charisma, personality, allure, genuine appeal. You bring so much fun and humor to the show. We love you and wish all the best to all three of you ! You have a huge support of Russian and American viewers from Canada and multiple cities in the USA cheering for you.
You bring so much joy to so many households every Monday. Go Geniuses! You are definitely smart, brainy, clever, sharp, intelligent !
Love, love love to you from the bottom of our hearts !!!!!
Francis' parents, grandparent and great-grandmother, babushka Annya, send you hugs and kisses !!!! We are extremely proud of you !
— Gale Goldshmid

General Comments: 11 August 2006

O.K. I know the show is taped and done a long time ago, but hey in my little TV watching world the quest is still on. So I wanted to say good luck to the guys, even those I don't know if it would actually get to them. My friends say I'm only watching because I think Charles is hot, but I like it because you never know how it's going to turn out. I'm not a big television watcher, between university and my writing it doesn't leave much time. But, I try to never miss an episode, and so I thought I would send this good luck out there into the world.
Have a good one,

General Comments: 3 August 2006

I`ve been rooting for these guys from the time they decided not to leave Sam behind. I feel like I have made similar decisions and never regretted it. Go Geniuses !
— Henry Jones

General Comments: 30 July 2006

Hi Geniuses,
I'm the woman who helped you in Paris. You were in Place de la Concorde and approached me to ask if I knew the area well. You needed a bridge trimmed in gold and a statue of someone who would be considered a friend to Americans. I showed you on your map where you were (you said you were lost) and directed you to the Pont Alexandre and the statue of Lafayette. This Canadian is enjoying watching you play the game. Hoping to see myself on screen with you. Wishing you all good least I know you make it as far as Paris!
Linda Baker

General Comments: 25 July 2006

Sending a warm hello and support to the boys. I might be one of the first supporter of the geniuses, outside of friends and family. As it happens my husband and I were on vacation in Paris in late September last year. While my husband was walking about taking pictures, I decide to take a break by this very scenic & lovely bridge. To make a long story short, I watched while the Geniuses broke open the Marquis de LaFayette death mask, to find the Dover medallion. All three guys ran passed me as they were making they way to the boat that would take them to Dover. I gave them a shout " Good Luck Guys, we're rooting for you". As anyone would expect, I anxiously watched last night episode hoping to see our exchange, didn't happen. We didn't exchange words but I did get a nice smile from Francis. Anyway, I rooted for the boys then and I will continue to root for them each and every Monday night.
Good Luck to Francis, Charles & Sam. I hope to see the Geniuses as the victors at the end of this challenge.
— #1 Supporter From Michigan, Peggy

I came into this series late and had no idea the Geniuses are from SMU! WOO HOO, Go Mustangs!
I was SO glad to see the Fogals, namely crybaby Kaytie go. Stereotypically you'd expect the Miss Americas to be whiny about the physical challenges, but they're strong competitors and are hanging in there.
Of course I'm rooting for team Genius. Considering how long the first three teams spent at the church before deciding to burn the parchment, team genius did us proud by figuring it out right away.
Quia Querisma, SMU '04

Q: What's Up With Kayte?

Kayte is the most irrational participant of the Amazing Race. Her charades drove my watching party of “Treasure Hunters” insane. We were so happy to see that the Fogals were eliminated on the last episode. I don’t think we could have cheered any harder. The Fogals “fogaled” themselves off the competition.
— Suzanne Marie Choi

General Comments: 19 July 2006

They may have high IQ'S but they sure look stupid on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Tarah McWilliams

Q: Would you leave Sam?

No!!! You picked him to go with you and you knew all about him. Suck it up and go back for him. What happened to friendship, mercenary nerds?
— Brown Pelican

Q: Would you help the Fogals?

No, especially if I was a team they had Fogaled. Looks as if Air Force is the only team they get along with and have not turned on.
— Maria Siwek

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