Charles a/k/a “The T.A.”

Charles, the most conservative of the three teammates, puts a lot of faith in their combined nine majors to help them solve any puzzle on “Treasure Hunters.” He met the other two while working as a teaching assistant in the organic chemistry lab they were taking, so he knows their intellectual capabilities first-hand.
Originally from Paris, Texas, Charles produced near perfect SAT scores and was awarded a full scholarship to SMU. With his favorite movie being “The Matrix,” favorite TV show “The Apprentice” and favorite book the Bible, his diversity could prove invaluable to the team.  
This former quadruple major in electrical engineering, biology, math and physics is now working toward his Master’s degree in electrical engineering. Charles dreams of conducting stem cell research in his own lab, which you can hear more about on the “Geniuses” audition tape on the NBC Web site.   

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