Take Home $3 Million

SMU students Sam Khurana, Francis Goldschmid and Charles Taylor were the victors Monday night in the final episode of NBC's reality show, Treasure Hunters.

Known as "The Geniuses," they won $3 million by solving the contest's final clue — FSKEY — and opening the vault before the Southie Boys and Air Force could figure it out.

See "The Geniuses" win.

The three SMU students have near-perfect SAT scores, multiple majors and high GPAs. Tell us what you thought of the finale.

Interview on Channel 7

An SMU interview with The Geniuses is being broadcast on campus and Park Cities Channel 7 at the following times:
    MWF - 10:25 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m.
    TTh - 12:25 p.m., 5 p.m.


Posted 22 August 2006 | Matthew Meltzer (Charles' roommate)

The energy was building as people arrived at my apartment for our finale-watching party. As the final episode of Treasure Hunters began, my eyes were glued to the screen. Due to the excitement building up and continuing throughout the night, I am having to watch the show for the 3rd time to bring y’all an accurate recap (thank God for Tivo). More

Posted 11 August 2006 | Ida Khobahy (Francis' girlfriend)

Wow, I can't believe the Geniuses have made it to the final three. I couldn't be more proud of them. I am so happy with the way the show has turned out. . . More

Posted 10 August 2006 | Gale Goldshmid (Francis' mother)

You have played the game with dignity, respect, charm, pride, self-respect, and with great teamwork! We are all extremely proud of all three of you. More

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“If winning the money is determined by intelligence, creativity, and problem solving then our trio has an excellent chance. Regardless, it will be fun to see them on television. Maybe we will get a chance to see Francis play his guitar, Charles waxing elogently about Paris, (Paris, Texas, that is) and Sam belting out one of the current pop hits. Good luck, guys!!!!”
Edward R. Biehl, chair of the Department of Chemistry

'The Geniuses' back at SMU
See the interview.

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Meet the Geniuses