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How faculty and staff can support students

It is important that all faculty and staff members are informed about SMU procedures regarding sexual assault, as well as resources that support students. Faculty and staff members should follow these steps if a student comes to them to report a sexual assault:

1. Urge the student to seek medical attention.

2. Encourage the student to alert police.

Encourage the student to call SMU Police at 214-768-3333, or call 911 to connect with police in the jurisdiction where the assault occurred.

3. Inform the student about the campus and community resources listed below.

Inform the student about the campus and community resources below, including SMU’s Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Access and Equity to file an internal grievance.

4. Notify the SMU Title IX Coordinator.

Inform the student that you are required to report the sexual assault to SMU’s Title IX Coordinator for follow-up; 214-768-3601. The student may request that his or her name be withheld; however, this request for anonymity may impede an investigation.


These officials must honor confidentiality, except under very limited circumstances such as an imminent threat of danger to self or others.


These campus officials will protect students’ privacy and confidentiality to the extent possible, but are required to report sexual assaults to SMU’s Title IX Coordinator and to SMU Police.

Please contact SMU's Title IX Coordinator, 214-768-3601, for more information.

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