SMU’s Students for New Learning

At SMU, a chartered organization for students with learning differences year was established in 2003.

Students for New Learning (SNL) meets monthly to provide support, share strategies and raise awareness of learning disabilities and ADHD on campus.

Jayme Clemente

“Our goal is to educate people who aren’t familiar with different learning styles to understand the shoes we have to walk in,” says Jayme Clemente, an art history major and SNL’s former president. “We also try to instill confidence in each other – in who we are and how we learn.”

At meetings, SNL members discuss challenges and successes, and also invite faculty to share their perspectives. The group aims to provide a supportive network while also getting involved on campus and in the community, Clemente says, such as mentoring high school students with learning differences.

“We show them the path to college; we show them they can be anything they want,” she says. “My ADD was diagnosed when I was 6, and in high school I was told my SAT score was too low to get into SMU – but look at me now.”

Hear SNL’s former president Jayme Clemente discuss medication and 2007 graduate Matt Tunnell discuss coping strategies. Also see an overview video about the topic.

Learn about SNL and the organization's next meeting.

For more information, contact Rebecca Marin, director of Services for Students with Disabilities at SMU

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