Learning Differently Discussion

Students for New Learning sponsored a panel discussion that explored how it feels to be an SMU student with a learning difference, how best to teach the student with learning differences and what services are available at SMU. Video of the discussion was funded by the President's Advisory Committee on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities.

Topic and Speaker

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Introduction to the Panel Discussion
By Becca Marin
SMU Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
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"Misconceptions of Diagnosis"
By Karen Settle
SMU Psychologist
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"Learning Difference in the Classroom"
By Stuart Robinson
SMU Psychology Lecturer
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"Promoting Student/Faculty Understanding"
By Alexa Ray Taylor
SMU Learning and Attention Disorders Counselor
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"Benefits/Negatives of Medication"
By Jayme Clemente
SMU Student
Students for New Learning
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"Reality of Medication"
By Dr. Victoria Martin
Dallas Psychiatrist
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"Coping Strategies"
By Matt Tunnell
SMU 2007 Graduate
SMU Students for New Learning
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Question-and-answer session
with the audience
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