The JFK Assassination



R. S. Carleton, Houston
Helen Goldberg, Dallas
The Church of Holy Comforter, Cleburne
J. T. Smith, Denison
Miss Dorothy Steele - Wants to take collection at McBride's Business College. When can she start and where does she send collection?
Mrs. William G, Carrick - Donation for "A Memorial."
Ray Mason - I am totally in agreement with the need for a mamorial. When the time comes that you need an Indian, not a Chief, call on me for all the help I can provide,
Mrs. Lois Bell Garland, Fort Worth - Donation for Memorial.
Mrs. Fred R. Lowenthal - Sent check for "John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial,"
Mrs. Lillion Beckett - Donation for statue or whatever is decided upon.


The Arts
Ralph Meyer Build auditorium for the Performing Arts. Name it JFK Music Hall.
Mrs. Eugene Beatty - "Tears are the greatest cleansing Agent for our Souls. So let there be a Wall theat we may lean to and weep our means no more." Also French Poem.
H. S. (Buddy) Rosenthal Music Hall in Downtown Area near new Courthouse. Parking space could be used by both without conflict.
Mrs. William W. Munson - Structure for small and large groups to perform, both Professional and Non-Professional. Graphic Arts should also abound heavily landscaped green areas.
Mrs, Rolf Olson - Work of Art depicting the sorrow we feel. Lovely sculpture of quality
Grannie Grice - "A Portrait Memoriam."
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tobolowsky - Dallas is a cultural city. A memorial in the Art Form would be appropriate.
D. H. Bennett - Musical Chorus-50 or 100 Graduating Seniors, 1 or 2 from each State University- to be housed in Dallas- 3 month Rehearsal and 9 month World Tour.
Larry DuPont, Tracy-Locke Co. - Commission the composition of a Symphony Suite in memorial to President, to be played by Dallas Symphony November 22nd, with announcement to be made now.
Samuel Adler - Second to Rual Askew's motion for Center of Fine Arts in Dallas. Each year set aside $10,000 to commission either a stage work on Opera, a great Symphonic work, or a work of the Plastic Arts. All works to be first performed in Dallas by the existing organizations and at JFK Center.
Donald S. Vogel - "The Passion." Catalogue in Exhibit File. Will furnish a member if desired.
Mrs. W. M. Breath - "The Passion." Series of 54 pictures by Georges Roualt.Educational
Byron Buckeridge - Bring something like Elmer Scott's Civic Federation of Dallas back to life. Name it "John F. Kennedy Center on Aims of America."
Jane Sorrows - Let us urge and encourage Dallasites to subscribe to a first rate out-of-town newspaper. We can support SMU and help make it into a really high quality institution.
Lewis B. Lefkowitz - Establish a chair either in the Humanities or in the Fine Arts. Preferably at Southern Methodist University,
Mr. and Mrs. T, A. Pollard - Perpetual chair for studies in human behavior and social problems - establish at University of Texas, SMU, Harvard, or some other suitable center of learning -- Or perpetual Peace Foundation, or Perpetual Loan or Fellowship Fund, or Endowment to the Peace Corps.
Paul W. Weiser - Create "Institute of Advanced Human Relations Studies" in his name somewhere in Dallas.
Mrs. Alvin Winegarten - Center for the study of Democratic Institutions, headed by Robert M. Hutchins, former President of the University of Chicago. What about a branch in Dallas. "Foot Loose Correspondents" November 9, 1963, Now Yorker, P8 105, attached to latter.
Mrs, J. X. Zofness, Encino, Calif. - Build and maintain City College as a living memorial to out Late and Beloved President Kennedy.
Mrs. Louis F. Cretenoid - History, Good Government and Right Living Scholarships at SMU. Mark scene with simple tablet indicating reason for it being there.
Joan Weston - JFK School of Social Work and Social Research in Dallas.
J. K. Jones - Memorial should be; Foundation for special services to assist young people in developing their fullest potential and should be state-wide in scope.
Mrs. Lawrence S. Pollock - A Chair in Human Relations or Social History at SMU.
Barbara L. Vielz - Should be an original creation-not a "Name Change"-"JFK Memorial Museum," as a Museum Library for presentation and study of Political Science and Political History. Site - Fair Grounds.
James R. Curtis - SMU School of Government in honor of President Kennedy.
Donald Cowan - Give major attention to Astrophysics Conference sponsored by Dr. Ivor Robinson, University of Dallas will cooperate in memorial site. Art Department willing to take lead.
Carl B. Flaxman - Living Memorial to JFK. Chair or Department at SMU for an Institute of Human Relations.
Joe Salzman - Memorial to JFK. Help educate all of the peoples of the U.S.A. in Communication. (See Exhibit File.)
Mrs. Nora Ashman - Make Pen-Prints a JFK Memorial, (See Exhibit File.)
George Mumford Pendell - Educational Corporation "The National JFK Memorial Fund," November 26, 1963 in Oklahoma. Plan to inoorporate in other 49 states. (Articles and Certificate of Incorporation attached to letter.)
Darold Powers - TYK Foundation for Adult Education in American Politics. Cooporation might be obtained from the Center for the study of Democratic Institutions at Santa Barbara, Calif.
Manuel I. Zive, Halifax, N.S. - Erect college, on site or elsewhere in Dallas, without restriction to race, color or creed, or a non-denominational church.
Carleton B. Chapman, M.D., Professor of Medicine - Provide what SMU needs to become one of the world's half dozen best universities. Part of needs spelled out by the Committee of Fifty, but not all. Might cost 300 Million Dollars in Building Fund and Endowment.
Dr. Clyde J. Wingfield - Establish JFK Institute of Citizenship and Public
Northern Illinois Univ. Affairs. It might be affiliated with SMU. As a Model - Maxwell Graduate School for Citizenship & Public Affairs, at Syracuse University in New York.
Mrs. Margaret Long - Establish an Institution of Government & Political Education. A Training Center for our Domestic and Foreign Service representatives.
Dr. E. Christopherson - Consideration of further help to foreign students as a suitable memorial to the President. (He interested Houston people in establishing the Nansen Fund to help educate foreign students,)
Mrs. James H. Dunlap - Reprint Mayor Cabell's statement. Establish JFK Graduate School of Social Research at SMU.
Dan Eddy, The Salvation Array - Establish "The Americas Center" at one of our universities in Dallas, preferably SMU, for students from both North and South America to learn more about other nations. Folder on: Public Relation Society of America meeting attached to letter.

Funds for Survivors
Clifford Noe - President's Memorial Fund for widows and children of Dallas County peace officers or firemen.
Joseph P. McLaughlin - Hero Scholarship Fund in Dallas to be patterned after operation in Philadelphia Scholarship Fund for children of policemen and firemen who die in line of duty.
Jim Meyer - Century Club, nation-wide.
Jim Cash - Blue Coats, Inc. Cleveland organization funds for benefit of survivors of policemen and firemen. This would benefit families who do not receive national aid like family of Officer Tippitt.

Jas. W. Collins - Kennedy Memorial Fund for Parkland. Income to be used for providing medical facilities each year for the needy in our community.
Peter Chandor - A hospital for the aged.
Paul Carrington - Monument at scene would be morbid and unworthy, Do not like sending any money to Washington, Rename Parkland but would not be worthy enough, but fund could be started for additional equipment. An addition for the aged or mental illness.
Benjamin Eisner Complete Children's Medical Center, Set our goal as the finest facility of its kind to be named JFK Medical Center.
G. Porter Burgess - We can build a living memorial to care for the retarded, the aged or any one of the President's humanitarian interests.
Mrs. T. L. Hurst - If stone erected in Washington, let's make it a hospital unit in Wadley Blood Center.

Mental Facilities
Not signed, Elgin, Illinois postmark - Take more interest in mental health.
Marcel C. Carol - Establish Research Center for study of mental disorders. "The initial founding should not be tax deductible."
Carleton B. Chapman, M.D. - One possibility-build JFK Psychiatric Hospital as a separate unit in the Parkland-Southwestern Medical School area, Endow two psychiatric chairs and a sizeable endowment for operation and research.
J. W. Teague - Construction in Dallas of a hospital for treatment of mental and psychiatric patients.
Mrs. Wm. Trawnik - Foundation not only of a psychiatric nature, but ought also to have a strong Christian appeal.
Earle E. Redmond - Mental health is one field he was interested in.
North Highlands, Calif. - This despicable act shames us all. Not just the city of Dallas,
Mary V. Battle, Memphis, Tenn. - Take mentally ill persons in private homes like they do in Gheel, Belgium.
Mr, & Mrs. Ronald M. Weiss - Disapprove monument at scene. Foundation for mentally retarded or Children's Psychiatric Treatment Center.

John W. Meaney, Assistant to Chancellor, Univ. of Texas - A living institution of national significance in some area especially favored by the late President. Perhaps a National Center for Research and Prevention of Mental Retardation, The Center should clearly be a sacrifice and a gesture of Dallas and Texas for the nation.
Anna S. Hill, Chairman, Texas Retarded Children's Found. - Sunnyhill Training Center & Work Shop, 233 West Wheatland Road, opened October 1963. The mentally retarded can be evaluated, placed in actual jobs, earn money and maintain self respect. 30,000 mentally retarded in Dallas County. We propose: Center be named JFK Memorial Community Center for Retarded.
Verlin Osborne, Executive Dir., Dallas Council for Retarded Children - Need: Residential care for retarded. 1. Emergency cases waiting admission to state schools. 2. Temporary care while parent is ill or hospitalized. Activity Center for older trainable retardates who are Past school age. Name it: JFK Memorial Retarded Children's Center.
Mrs. O. L. Young - JFK Memorial Hospital for Retarded Children.
Alan V. Iselin, Albany, N. Y. - Civic Leaders of Dallas: Create JFK Memorial Fund for the mentally retarded. Dallas could be National Headquarters of Fund Drive to be held each November 22.
Mrs. Gladys Griffin - Would not want a lifeless memorial. Suggest school for mentally retarded or hospital to treat mental illness.
Caesar Clark - John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital for care of mentally retarded children.
Mrs. John W. Teat - Give thoughts to mentally retarded.
Ken Knopp, Community Service Dir., Texas Retarded Children Found. - Recently opened comprehensive Community Center at Sunnyhill Training Center for Mentally Retarded. Could be a real monument to JFK. "We have established a Memorial Fund in his honor."
Irving Pierce - A JFK Foundation for Retarded Children could be a Living Memorial. A marker should commemorate the spot. A suitable monument should be erected in Washington
Mrs. Mary Armstrong - Special wing for Children's Medical Center for care and training of retarded children. Perhaps a Research Foundation.

Mrs. H. R. McDonald - Don't place monument at scene. Start working on something that will be a blessing to the unfortunate and in the name of JFK.
Richard A. Magruder - Mass gathering of thousands of heartsick and remorseful citizens. "Afternoon of Dallas Re-Affirmation."
Mrs, Henry I. Schaffer - The restoration of justice and order within the nation and throughout the world would be the most appropriate memorial we could pay our late President
Mrs. S. T. Hall - Establish John F. Kennedy Boys Club.
Mrs. Helen B. Henderson - Help the needy people of the Area. Don't let these funds be used on cold stone to gather moss.
Joan Hall - A "Living" Memorial City Park. A new wing or facility to a hospital, a Scholarship Fund or Civic Project that would benefit mankind.
Albert Price - Invite every top newspaper writer and columnist for a 3-day Special Visitors Tour.
Mrs. Anne Belanger, Toronto, Ontario - Let it be publicly announced that the citizens of Dallas dedicate themselves to the full and free acceptance in equal humanity, of all races regardless of color.
R. W. Reynolds - "Roving" Pony Express mount riding from place to place.
Robert Lee Simmons - Resolution honoring our late President. (2 pages attached to letter.)
A. K. Spalding - Day Nursery under guidance of Dallas Day Nursery Association as a memorial to J.F.K.
John Coyle, Radio & TV Broadcasters of Texas - "Texas Kennedy Memorial." "Living Memorial" - A final list would be prepared for Mrs. Kennedy. She would make final decision.


Dr. Renato Mazza - Offer to create fitting memorial to JFK as he did for: E. L. DeGolyer, Sr. - Science Library, SMU, A. H. Meadows - For Fine Arts Center, SMU
Wilbert Verhelst - Not like existing monuments. Design might be achieved by a statewide, Regional, National or International competition for Architects, Sculptors and Designers. Suggest: Final decision to be left to'Mrs. Kennedy.
Enslie O. Oglesby, Jr. - Offer of assistance from Dallas Chapter of the American Pres., Dallas Chapter, Institute of Architects in appraising suggestions, A.I.A.

At Scene
Henry G. Stary - We want a monument-type memorial erected as soon as possible at Houston and Elm to be paid for with funds contributed by Dallas citizens.
Lyn E. Davis - Appropriate plaque in Dealey Plaza. Bronze casting - 3 Hands - 2 Mrs. Kennedy holding ring and 1 representing hand of President.
Joe Wright - Statue on the spot. Widen street around statue. (Sketch attached to letter.)
James & Gene Thomas, Jr. - Eternal Flame. Duplicate flame at President's grave.
Stuart M. Luce - Suitable monument at or near scene. I believe we want to show in some tangible, visible manner our true and deep love and respect.
George M. Randall - Memorial Park with plaque adjacent to the scene.
Mrs. Margie Tennison - Proper memorial, Should contain flag to Always be flown at 1/2 mast. Light at base to read inscription. (Contained in letter.)
J. S. Conover - Levy 10 Special Tax - City raise $300,000 to $400,000, A Carillon Tower or an Arch spanning Elm.
Susan Block - I vote for memorial in honor of President Kennedy.
Eunice Tuel - White Cross with two torches with a single white dove or huge globe with doves circling it.
Dan Gibbs - Marker to designate site. Remaining funds placed in trust for educating children of Dallas Policeman Tippit.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Farmer - Likeness of President above a carving of his now famous and undying phrase: "Ask not what your Country...." on grassy knoll near the spot. (Sketch attached to letter.)
T. Sgt. Ralph Savarese - Erect a monument.
Maurice Carlson and Mike MoKoll, City Council Appearance, December 2 - Historical marker at scene. Kennedy Memorial Park at Triple Underpass. Buy Texas Book Depository and dedicate it as a building of historical importance. Kennedy Educational & Research End.
Lucy Belle Smith - Rose Garden 1/2 mile in each direction from spot. Call it "Kennedy Rose Garden" or the "Kennedy Mile."
Grover Ketron, Los Angeles, Calif. - Build a Memorial. "We love Dallas and its people and in the end she will become one of our greatest Cities."
Miss Irene Shollenberger - Erect a marker on the spot.
Thomas Hake - Statue on the spot.
Constance Carlton - Statue or Memorial.
Zennis Marmarinos, 601 West 190th St., New York, N. Y. - National collection for a memorial on the spot.
Joseph Carl Fiorella - Start a memorial to this great man.
Paul Carnahan - Memorial at site.
Mrs. Robert F. Hallum - Monument close to place.
George R. Pena - Marker to indicate place where President was shot.
Miss Carole Sahulka - Erect statue of JFK on spot.
D. D. Dozier - Area on one side of Elm made a Memorial Park. Erect a physical likeness.
Mrs. H. L. Arline - Bronze life size statue as portrayed in enclosed picture and inscribed "Eternal Flame." (Picture and inscription attached to letter.)
Ann Henderson - Simple monument "Eternal Flame" in the vicinity of Elm and Houston.
Mrs. T. T. Sivley - Memorial "The Perpetual Light."
Mrs. Vivian Wheeler - Modern free form sculpture representing "Freedom" as a monument to be near site.
Rev. Lee G. O'Connor, S. J. - Arche de Triomphe. Divide into 50 segments.
Stanley Matysek - Erect a great monument. Inscribe ',My Fellow Americans, Eternal Flame to light it.
Ronnie Ray - Shrine of some kind on or near the spot where our President fall.
Eugene Fulcher - Erect a monument of love to our late President to be built where he was shot.
William Anderson - Erect memorial to late President Kennedy.
Anne L. Gibson - Suggest we light a perpetual torch.
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Griffin - Memorial with "Except the Lord Keep the City, the Watchman Waketh in Vain" inscribed.
Louisa R. Lindow, Sacramento, Calif. - Monument of President JFK along the driveway where so many of the Dallas citizens left wreaths.
Eugene Sergi - Erect monument on the spot.
Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Salso - Life size statue of President JFK at the sight of assassination. We have had out-of-town relatives last weekend to see the exact site and we are sure this will be the case from now on.
Harry J. Nutt, Bainbrige Island, Washington - Bypass the "spot" by a new road and establish a suitable monument.
Mrs. Grady Garrett - Square marker with Eternal Flame.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Coniglio - Monument on the site, Life size sculpture of JFK on a high base.
W. A. Dawson, M.D. - "Place of Flowers" opposite the spot.
Mrs. Martin P. Clancy - "Perpetual Light." Inscription "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You."
Mrs. Virginia Bradbury Monument. See letter for inscription.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Walters, Sr. - Memorial should be placed in Dallas.
Sarah Quinn - Monument should be erected on the corner of Elm and Houston.
Mrs, Mack Ronk & Family - Perpetual Flame monument such as the one in Arlington.
Charles A. Basic, Jr. - A statue or monument should be placed in the Triangle near where the late President was shot.
Mrs. Mattis Crowley - Erect a memorial shrine in the design of a cross.
Dr. Peter A. Schurba - A non-denominational Grotto or Chapel on the site where people of all faiths, creeds and color could go to pray for peace.
Mrs. Florine Dillon - Life size figures of the 4 members of the Kennedy Family walking hand in hand down the hill in Dealey Plaza.
Miss Annette Tones - "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You; Ask What You Can Do for Your Country."
John J, McGee, Charlestown, Mass. - Bronze Star embedded in street, surrounded by a mosaic of brick as was done at the actual "Site of the Boston Massacre."
Boyd Ridgway - Carillon "Bell Tower."
Hank X. Vandeveerdonk - Memorial Carillon Bell Tower.
Chris Victor Semos - Suitable memorial statue near Elm and Houston.
Green Peyton - Suitable memorial at site.
Mrs. Doris L. Williams - Memorial or plaque where he was assassinated.
Charles W. Caldwell, Helen J. Caldwell, Bobbie Caldwell, Carolyn Caldwell - A memorial near the spot.
Arch Rounsaville - Suitable shrine near the spot, Burning Torch Here. All forms of government in Dallas should press for a large memorial in Washington.
W. P. Becker - Carillon.
Mrs. Wm. B. Campbell - Simple and modest memorial.
Bernard N. Barnes, Jr. - Eternal Flame.
C. S. Gilley - Arch over Elm St.
Bradford W. Tibbitts - Suitable memorial at site near the scene.
Joe Carr - "A Cairn for Kennedy."
Elgin E. Crull - Structure at site for flags from all nations.
Jose C. Colon - Memorial at the place. "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, but Ask What You Can Do for Your Country."
Garland R. Hancock - Direct likeness of President Kennedy at the scene and name the area "Kennedy Memorial Park."
Scott Metcalf - Block of Texas Granite with Gas Torch similar to that in Arlington Cemetery.
Walter Greenblatt - Flags of different world nations as a Memorial Plaza at the scene.
Mrs. A. B. Ellis - Mark the spot where he gave his life "God & Country," so residents and visitors can see and be reminded that we are Americans and this is a Christian nation.
Carl A. Scamardo - Not just a place marker but one that would involve several million dollars to construct, Fitting place - near the spot.
Mrs. Louise Fletcher - Memorial Park at the scene of the assassination.
Mrs. Ralph R. O'Fallon - Memorial to represent faith, hope and charity and use in a fountain.
Stephen W. Schneider - Simple flower garden with young oak in center and another Eternal Flame to be lighted from the flame at President Kennedy's grave in Arlington.
Mrs. Sara Daniels - A statue of Lincoln - either with his hand on Kennedy's shoulder or in some gesture of welcoming Kennedy.
Imogene Mayfield, M.D. - 1. Memorial should be at site; 2. Erected by Dallas people only; 3. A spire type; 4. Seating space inside; plus 9 others.
Gershon Canaan, Architect - Will donate design services for JFK Memorial. Has memorials in Washington, New York, San Antonio and Dallas.
Bob Souter - Put a cross in the pavement at the scene inscribed with a brief message.
Mrs. A. Dunbar, 2620 State - Burning torch like they have on his grave.
Unsigned Post Card - Permanent flame on the grassy slopes.
Opal Rice, Beverly Bishop - Place monument at the site of the assassination.
Mrs. Anne McVaugh - Since so many people are visiting the spot of the tragedy, that is the right place to build a memorial.
Mrs. R.. C. Mullen, Sr. - Local memorial at the scene-Eternal Flame. Mark window shot was fired from.
Mrs. Ellis H. Bennett - Memorial at the site, Monument of children holding Perpetual Flame. Rededicate the old Courthouse. Restore Women's Building for tourists.
Albert L. Pena - Erect a suitable and permanent monument at the scene.
Alan J. Davis - Coventry Cathedral destroyed W. W. II - Altar built in rubble - Cross "Father Forgive." New Cathedral built. Special Litany read on Friday. Do same on site.
Orville L. Dowell - Monument in Dallas, not Washington.
Frank C. Rocco - Carrillon Tower, Named JFK Carrillon.
Marie A. Faust - Want a monument in this town. Quit pussy footing around. Do something about it.
Lillie F. Collier, Chairman, Seagoville Civics Class - A "Cairn."
Ina Bell (Daniels) Marshall, Nina Nell (Daniels) Wheeler - Monument in our City, a "Cairn." The Gold Queens from the South."
Mrs. Melvyn A. Rose - Beautiful marble and stone monument at scene.
Dale K. Sievert - 55 flag poles in semi-circle for flags of each country. (Diagram attached to letter.)
Rev. David F. Born - Statue of Kennedy on very spot where he was assassinated, A small island would do.
Mary Fugger - Beautiful Dallas Memorial at scene. Place containers at convenient locations so everyone that lived here November 22 can contribute.
Mrs. Anne McVaughn - Build a memorial at spot. Place flowers there. It is going to be a memorial whether we do anything about it or not. Don't beautify old building.
Amy Cloninger - Appropriate inscription for monument..."Ask Not What Your Country Can Do...."
Edward Spencer - Memorial at exact spot. (Sketch attached to letter.)
E. J. Adams, Indianapolis, Ind. - Build on the spot to house all organizations a model for working out race relations.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Hockaday School - Small monument with replica of Eternal Flame.
Helen Moody - Tall monument at site. Rename plaza as Kennedy Plaza, beautify, erect flag pole.
Robert Jones, I, B. Marshall, N. N. Mobley, William Hawthorne, Mitchell Hollond, David C. Marshall - "Cairn."
Marie Fraser - 100 ft. high shaft of granite at the site. (Design attached to letter.)
Dorothy R. Haney - Perpetual Flame on the site,
Faustine F. Rios - Erect JFK Memorial in Dallas.
F. D. Richardson - "In Memorium to JFK, 35th President of the U. S. of A. from the people of Dallas, Texas."
Norman Igo - Tear down old Courthouse. Each person in Dallas to donate $1.00.
Vince Panning, Dallas - Suitable monument at site. Dallas must dedicate some part of itself to JFK. A Washington, D,C. Memorial is, at this time, out of the province of Dallas citizens.
Phoned to Mr. Jonsson's Office - Place a Perpetual Flame at the spot.
John Reginald Abbott - Life size bust of late President. Will make for Material charges. (See Exhibit File,) Former Royal C.M.P.
Marguerite Cassidy - Monument on or near site. "When Dallas citizens looked at monument they would remember what prejudice and bigotry did to this wonderful man."
L. W. Herrin, Worthy President, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Dallas Aerie - Ten Commandments Monolith at site to honor Brother Eagle Jack Kennedy. Eagle Memorial Services on November 22.
Alice Worley - Arch at site with Eternal Flame. (Sketch included in letter.)
B. J, Chenault - Eternal Flame at site, Name Plaza John F. Kennedy.
Mrs. A. C. Miller - Eternal Flame,
Penny Merritt - A monument in memory of the late President John F. Kennedy.
Barbara Babcock - A bust cast in bronze on a pedestal.
Joseph Wrazier - Monument on the very spot. Erect so traffic could move under it.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas (Hockaday School) - Erect small monument containing a replica of the Eternal Light at President Kennedy's grave.
Ruben Rodriguez - Likeness of JFK in rocking chair as a statue.
Miss Frances Utridge Rename street Kennedy Blvd, Erect a cross with name, dates of birth and death.
The W. J. Hale Family - Bronze marker with simple markings. Possibly low or flat to be placed near the site.
D. P. Morgan - Great memorial on the spot. Living memorial in our hearts.
Mrs. Richard Nosler - Embed a 4 square Gold Cross in the pavement of Elm.
Thomas D. Reagor - Monument of some type at the location. Change Main Street to Kennedy Avenue.
Chas, I. Steinberg - Want to bring clay model of schulpture to Dallas for approval, Model made from original color photo taken at Rice Stadium, Houston, before his last visit to Houston.
Arnold Denton - Proposed monument, (See letter for details.)
Mrs. Levis M. Cox - Tall slim structure with bust of Statue of Liberty holding Everlasting Flame, Include a bubbling fountain.
Bill Owens - Bring about the firm conception of memorial with the highest priority. Is accomplished in Aesthetic lighting design. Offered service.
Mrs. Bethe Wilkinson - Lovely park where tragedy occurred and a monument.
One American - Contribution for "An arch, perhaps even greater than France's Arch of Triumph, over the very location."
Boyd Ridgeway - Memorial Carillon Tower near the spot of the President's assassination.
Roger H. Unger, M.D. - Statue of and monument to our late President in park overlooking the spot of his assassination.
Beryl Daley - A bridge should be built over the place; there should be two statues - one of the President and one of Patrolman Tippitt and a suitable plaque,
Chief Justice Allen Frasier, Court of Civil Appeals, El Paso - Would like to join with Mayor and City of Dallas in erecting a memorial to JFK as a completely non-political gesture for the people of El Paso.

Away from Scene
K. L. Reddick - Erect monument in Washington with funds collected by citizens of Dallas.
R. E. Talley - Name winning airport (Dallas and Fort Worth Regional) John F. Kennedy International.
Enslie Oglesby - Create plaza on Triangle at Bryan, Ervay and Pacific.
Harry F. Lindgren, Chicago, Ill. - Do not erect marker at scene. The people of Dallas are not responsible. Matter will be forgotten after Jack Ruby's trial.
Art Martin - When "Air Force I" is retired, request Air Force to return it to Dallas and become a permanent memorial to the late President JFK. (Made request to City Council.)
Larry A. Hart - Name first development of Dallas Homes, Inc., in West Dallas, "Kennedy Heights."
Perry A. Warren - Create "World Peace Star" to be placed on Xmas trees.
E. G. Brown - 25,000 cap. football stadium for high school games. Name it "JFK Memorial Stadium."
Mr. & Mrs. M. I. Baldwin - Memorial site in Dallas.
Mrs. Ralph Bubis - Complete funds for National Cultural Center.
H, B. Carlisle - Not only build an impressive monument, but also a warmer memorial of tolerance.
Mrs. A. Lorch Folz - Stone Street - very fine piece of sculpture - landscape beautifully. Should not be at the assassination site.
Lynn Lawther - "Chapel in the Sky," in new Courthouse in honor of JFK. Does not like idea of statue.
Mrs. E. E. Echols - Regional Airport, surpassing all others. Name it "John F. Kennedy."
R. J. O'Connell - The memorial should be located in our nation's capitol.
P. King Taylor - Monument in Washington, not in Dallas.
C. C. (Bill) Elkins - Memorial Chapel in lobby of Love Field Terminal.
James F. Gilbert, Charles F. Hawkins, William C. Garrett, Wilmer D. Masterson - Numerous areas in Downtown Dallas (e.g, the block on which Jack Ruby's night club is located) suitable for small park.
Mrs. Arthur Draeger - Small downtown mall or park in the heart of the city. Memorial in Dallas - not Washington.
William V. Buchanan, 175 5th Ave., New York - JFK memorial over grave site in Arlington Cemetery.
John T. Conley - Acquire property at Main, Commerce, Harwood and St. Paul. Landscape for park, 4 or 5 deck underground parking, as revenue to recover investment.
Norman R. Crozier, Jr. - Park between the Levees. Kennedy Park Authority to be established by Texas Legislature with eminent domain and taxing powers.
John Hicks - Build a new John F. Kennedy Technical High School at site of old Tech.
Michael Broom - Place statue in Airport. Remove Texas Ranger.
Leo Arthur Kelmenson - Library site at Harvard University for JFK's personal papers. Building cost about $4,000,000, Dawned on us People of the state of Texas might want to organize a group to raise this money as an indication of the faith of this city (Dallas) and state have in ideals of justice and good government.
Perry A. Warren - "World Peace Star" for Xmas tree in memory of late President.
Mrs, Bryan Williams - Landscaped double path extending from center of Dallas a mile or two into the suburbs.
William Williams, barber in Love Field shop - Suggested to Victor Wickersham, member of Congress, 6th District, Oklahoma - "A statue of JFK at Love Field."
Eleta Younkin - Erect a monument but not on scene.
Thomas I. Gerson, Executive Director, Nat. Comm. for Uncle Sam - Children of America requested to use their pennies to build a suitable memorial to JFK at Arlington Cemetery. "Would school children of Dallas wish to join other communities?"
Virginia Walker Balentine - Monument in Washington. Not Dallas. Not Texas.
John L. Brandt, Houston - Dallas and Fort Worth put shoulders to wheel and build, jointly, one of the finest airports in country. Name JFK International Airport.
G. P. Atkinson - Remodel Cotton Bowl. Rebuild State Fair Grounds. Rename Grounds - Presidential Park. Rename Stadium - Kennedy Memorial. "A 100 Million Dollars."


Jim Pavlou - Change name of street to: "John F. Kennedy Avenue."
Jay B. Hobbell - Change name of Dallas to Kennedy.
" A Friend" (Dallas postmark) - A memorial of the best - a carved stone standswell. Change Parkland Memorial Hospital to JFK Memorial Hospital.
Kennedy Smart - Change Parkland Hospital to Kennedy Memorial.
Roy E. Johnson - Change Love Field to JFK Memorial International Airport.
R. W. Mowery - Make Love Field JFK Memorial Air Field. Mr. Hal Holsonbeok and I would see that a full size bronze statue of the late President was erected in the lobby of the terminal,
Tames Ralph Wood - Change Love Field to John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport.
Elmer W. Griffin - Rename Parkland "John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital." Memorial services each week for 1 year, "JFK Memorial" Medal or Citation for graduating senior who most exemplifies qualities of late President.
Duane A. Crawford - Change Love Field to John F. Kennedy international Airport,
Wanda LaVern Hill, Dallas, Age 14 - Change Main Street to Kennedy Avenue.
Mrs. Klaus Penzel - Rename our city after him.
Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Dent, Sr. Change Love Field to John F. Kennedy Airport.
C. R. Powell - Rename: Elm - Kennedy; Main - Connally; Commerce - Tippitt. Arch, similar to the one being completed in St. Louis, be erected over the 3 streets as near the assassination spot as practical.
Mrs. E. C. Steiner - Rename Mountain Creek Park "John F. Kennedy Park."
Mrs. Guy Kirkpatrick - Change name of Elm Street to John F. Kennedy Avenue.
L. W. Mayo - Suggest block in which President Kennedy was shot be named: "En San Guine Block or En San Guine Corner."
Mrs, John W. Davies - Designate Lake Cliff Park as Kennedy Park, and erect a statue or suitable memorial.
Tom R. Torrance, Age 9, Vashon, Wash. - Name the road where he died "John F. Kennedy Blvd,"
Harold Swanson - Rename site where our late President was shot "JFK Memorial Plaza."
Mrs. Irene Burtin, Jacksonville, Fla. - Change Dallas to Kennedy.
Bruce Edward Brant, Los Angeles, Calif. - Change Dallas to Kennedy.
Virginia M. McCann - Change Main Street to President Kennedy Street or Avenue of President Kennedy or a similar name.
Mrs. Richard Mosler - Urge that Parkway be renamed "Kennedy Parkway" at once.
Chet and Joan Perkins, Columbus., Ohio - Rededicate your celebrated Love Field to be known as "John F, Kennedy Memorial Airport."
Norman V. Benedict - Rename Dallas Memorial Auditorium "John F. Kennedy Memorial Auditorium."
Lawrence H. Gabagan, M.D., 135 E. 64th St., New York - Change Graduate Research Center of the S.W. to JFK Research Center.
Kay Cassidy Sansone - Rename Love Field "Kennedy Memorial Field."
Mr. & Mrs. William Edward Johns - Change Love Field to Kennedy Memorial Airport.


Nathan Seckench, 7808 Lunt Ave., Chicago - Texas School Book Depository. Raze building. Erect suitable memorial to JFK.
A New York friend of Mr. Stanley Marcus - Let the citizens of Dallas raze that hateful building to the ground. Surely as architecture, the Texas Book Depository will not be missed. The recurring sight of that disgraceful window can only go on reminding decent men of the most monstrous deed in our present history.
Unsigned (postmarked Orange, Texas) - Drape window of Texas School Book Depository in black.
John S. O'Neall, Jr., Knoxville, Tenn. - Build a small Chapel or Carillon. "Your visitors will seek it out." Raze Texas School Book Depository, "Let Dallas come forward."
Renate Trawnik - Buy Texas School Book Depository. Dedicate it to the guidance and rehabilitation of emotionally disturbed children.
Donald V. Yarborough - Remodel Texas School Book Depository, Convert into branch of the Public Library and name "John F. Kennedy Memorial Library." Maintain 25-foot square area at site and left exactly as it is with present furnishings and fixtures.
Jean Francis - Move the book building and build a Cathedral.
Ed R. Crissey - Black marble slab to close window at Texas School Book Depository.
Dr. Howard T. Simpson - If price reasonable, buy School Book Depository Building, Raze and sell brick $1 or more to finance project - any surplus for park.
"Only a Nurse" (Dallas postmark) - Texas School Book Depository. Put a George Washington and Sam Houston type memorial on this ground.
Fred G. Willie - Destroy Texas School Book Depository. Rubble buried in an undisclosed spot or dumped into the sea. Plant a sturdy oak. Not something of stone, cement or marble,
Mrs. H. L. Voelker - Raze Texas School Book Depository. Build a fitting memorial.
Chester Rapkin, Prof. of City Planning, University of Penna. - Acquire Texas School Book Depository. Demolish the structure. Erect a monument to JFK.
Mrs. Margaret Stallings - Texas School Book Depository. Demolish and erect Memorial Chapel.
Retiree - Texas School Book Depository. Raze to the ground and build Shrine to our President.
Miss T. Farris - Texas School Book Depository. Tear down and build a beautiful JFK Memorial Park.
Mrs. Randolph Tomlinson - Texas School Book Depository. Buy, tear down, replace with beautiful park and a statue.
Phoned to Mr. Jonsson's Office - Destroy building from which shot was fired. Construct park.
Mrs. A. A. Anderson - Statue of our beloved First Family. Tear down Texas Book Depository and use for parking for visitors. Vie could also join in building a National Monument in Washington
Edward C. Sosman - Texas School Book Depository. Buy, demolish and erect suitable memorial. Rename streets at that corner for Kennedy and Tippitt.
Mrs. Lois 0. Aldridge - Texas School Book Depository. Tear down the building. Build Lincoln type memorial.
Mary Trinkle (see below)


Oliver W. Hammond - Permanent Citizens Committee for a continuing Review. Activation and Annual Report on November 22 as to what is being accomplished by particular groups referred to in Mayor Cabell's Official Statement.
Bill Brewer, W. P. Brewer Associates - Feels Dallas is definitely being injured from a business standpoint. Suggests immediate action.
Joseph A. Shirley - It will be months and perhaps even years before local public opinion "Jells." Why is this thing being rushed so?
Joseph A. Shirley - Wants Sears to provide on a loan Theatre type Stanchions with 1-1/2" rope to control pedestrians at site instead of light rope tied to Traffic Control Post.
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Newton, 1318 Melbourne - A monument to his memory in Dallas, erected as an expression of our city as a whole, would not only be a living hypocritical lie and actually an insult to his memory, but would be contrary to his own wishes.
Mary Trinkle - Texas School Book Depository. Empty, seal up and paint black. Each November 22 a National Day of Mourning.

Courtesy of DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas