The JFK Assassination


Be not ashamed, Oh Dallas Town,
For tas world cannot hold you to blame,
Hey, you there Texans, keep bright the flame,
Of thy pride, Be not Ashamed, Oh Dallas Town.

For there is no way to bring them back now,
So that we might not mourn,
Oh Dallas Town, all must share the blame,
For it is not all yours, in those times forlorn.

Aye, Texans, keep thy flame burning bright,
Do not darken with shame, your sternal light,
This man cannot bring you shame,
Aye, we must all share the blame.

Oh Dallas Town, be proud, bow thy head only in prayer,
Yea, we must share the blame, all share, everywhere,
Oh, hold high your torch, Oh Dallas Town,
Stand erect, you Texans, of reknown.

Oh, this time you cannot claim, Lone Star,
We must all share the blame, near and far,
Be proud of your people, these men of law,
Be proud of your people, who answered the call.

Oh might these words give you the sight to see, to give you strength,
For we must all share the blame,
And we must all shorten the length,
For Dallas Town is not all to blame.

Aye, the length of time, it shall be,
All the world, the chains to break,
Oh, those chains of bigotry, lying, cheating everywhere,
Ah my friends, the time it will take, for all to care.

Oh be not ashamed, Dallas Town,
For the world cannot hold you to blame,
Hey there, you Texans, keep bright your flame,
Of pride, be not ashamed, Oh Dallas Town.

William E. Ward
Kenton, Ohio


Courtesy of DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.