The JFK Assassination


February 22, 1964


The following statement was issued today by W. Dawson Sterling, chairman of the Dallas John F. Kennedy Citizens Memorial Committee:

"After receiving and studying more than 700 suggestions for appropriate memorials to the late President John F. Kennedy and after many additional hours in conference, the Dallas John F. Kennedy Memorial Committee has reached unanimous agreement.

"The decision was reached in conference with representatives of the Kennedy family and not only has the endorsement and approval of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy but represents as well her feeling that it would please the late President.

"Our decision involves two separate actions. First, we have endorsed and pledged our efforts to seek contributions in as substantial numbers as possible to be designated for a particular memorial sector of the proposed John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library to be established close to the scene of the President's youth in Boston. Second, we have approved the creation of a dignified and modest memorial near the assassination site as a spiritual expression of our community. Your committee hopes that all will join wholeheartedly in supporting these efforts.

"The committee met for several hours yesterday with Mr. Stephen E. Smith, a brother-in-law of the late President Kennedy, who presented the family's viewpoint.

"Arrangements for the Kennedy Library are already underway but architectural plans are not yet available. When these are ready it is the Dallas committeeks feeling that some specific part of the Library can be selected for our particular memorial undertaking.

"Mr. Smith said that Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, whose almost sole preoccupation is now concerned with the accomplishment of the Library project, and others involved in the project will work with the Dallas committee toward that end.

"While the Library will be a memorial to President Kennedy, it will be more than a monument. Not only is it to contain a fitting memorial room but it is also to include several working components -- a Museum, an Archive and an Institute -- which would introduce new concepts for preserving and displaying historical records and for teaching history and political science.

"It is estimated that the Library with its components will cost $10 million, of which more than $4 million has already been received nationally in cash or in pledges.

"Contributions to the Library are tax deductible and checks should be made payable to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Inc. All contributions should be sent to John F. Kennedy Citizens Memorial Committee, P.O. Box 424, Dallas, Texas 75221. When requested, the name of the donor will be included on a list of donors which will become a permanent and available record at the Library.

"Final detailed drawings of the memorial at the Dallas site are not yet finished. As soon as they are complete they will be made available to the public.

"The committee would like particularly to express its appreciation to the hundreds of citizens who sent us their ideas and suggestions for a memorial. These were very helpful to us and the decision we have reached reflects the expressions and suggestions contained in a very great number of the letters."


Courtesy of DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas