Faculty and students involved in the creation
of Special Forces (Overmatch) (SMU GH Map Pack)


Roy Orr

Graduate of Guildhall, Level Design, Cohort 4
AA Level: River Village

Roy Orr writes: "I am 23 and originally from Austin, TX. I was in college in Dallas when I went straight into the Guildhall in January 2005 as a Level Design student. It was a priceless experience, teching me the tools and know-how that could make it possible to land a job in the Games Industry. After a lot of hard work, I graduated in June of 2006 and started working to make a map for America's Army. Soon after completion, I was hired as a Game Designer at High Moon Studios in Carlsbad, CA working on an unannounced AAA title for next-gen systems and I couldn't be happier, all thanks to the Guildhall which got me here."

Derek Manns

Graduate of Guildhall, Level Design, Cohort 4

Derek L. Manns is a Newark, New Jersey, native with an IT and web development background who loves the art of making video games. He has a CIS degree from Kean University and a Certificate in Digital Game Development in Level Design from the Guildhall at SMU. Derek is currently working for N-Fusion as a Level Designer. In addition to games, Derek loves running, mountain biking, sports cars, motorcycles, traveling, and being with family and friends. When he is relaxing he listens to music of all kinds, watches A&E, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Speed, Sports Center, and the USA Network. One of his favorite quotes:  "Great games come from diverse minds"(, 2005)  

Jason Morales

Graduate of Guildhall, Level Design, Cohort 3
AA Level: SF Old Town

Jason Morales writes: "The life I knew in the New Orleans banking industry was a big change from the life I have come to know after experiencing the Guildhall. I used to dread the thought of going to work; now there are days I can’t wait to get work and some days where I don’t want to leave. The Guildhall’s curriculum gave me the opportunity to learn a skill set that no other institution could teach me. It is with this skill set that the doors of the Gaming Industry were opened, and I am glad I walked through those doors. As I sit in front my PC at Paradigm Entertainment, Inc., thinking back on how I used to dream of this day just a few years ago, I am glad I followed my dream and made it a reality."

Rance Wood

Graduate of Guildhall, Level Design, Cohort 4
AA Level: SF Floodgate

Rance Wood writes: "A native Texan, I was working as a QA Tester when I heard of the Guildhall. I entered the program as a Level Designer, bringing what I knew of testing with me into a more creative environment. I am now working as a Level Designer at the Richardson-based developer Barking Lizards, and using all the skills I learned at school to produce games today."

Cynthia Bell

Graduate of Guildhall, Level Design, Cohort 4
AA Level: SF Refinery  


Myque Ouellette
Producer/Lead Level Designer,
Guildhall Lecturer in Level Design

Myque Ouellette began working in the game industry in 1995 in the Quality Assurance/Customer Service department of Origin Systems. While at Origin, he quickly moved into production filling several positions including Lead Programmer/Associate Producer on the Ultima Collection, and Senior Design on Ultima IX: Ascension (working with Richard Garriott) and Ultima Online 2. He then moved on to Retro Studios where he worked on an action/RPG called Ravenblade.  After doing some freelance design work, he arrived at Paradigm Entertaiment where he has served as Senior Designer on Mission Impossible: Operation Surma and the coop sections of Terminator 3: Redemption and Assistant Lead Designer on Stuntman 2.  He joined The Guildhall faculty in December 2005 where he teaches the final two terms of the Level Design curriculum, a Game Design course and the Programming for Level Design 2 elective.  He also helps supervise external projects such as America’s Army.  

Michael McCoy

Associate Producer,
Guildhall Lecturer in Level Design

Michael McCoy is an 11 year veteran of the game industry with six titles under his belt. He entered the game design profession with Interactive Magic where he designed the iF-22 and iF/A-18 flight sims, as well as produced and designed iF-22 Persian Gulf. From there, Michael joined Sinister Games where he finished designing Shadow Company, before transferring to UbiSoft Montreal, Sinister’s parent company. In Montreal Michael designed the extremely successful Rainbow Six 3 series: Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield and Rainbow Six 3: Xbox. His most successful title to date is Rainbow Six 3: Xbox, which sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide and earned numerous accolades including “Best Game of Show” at Microsoft’s Europe X03. Other notable accomplishments include being interviewed in Marc Saltzman’s Game Design: Secret’s of the Sages published in 2002.  He currently serves as a Lecturer of Level Design at the Guildhall at SMU where he also helps supervise external projects such as America’s Army.

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