Blogs from the Ethiopia Research Project

Following are personal accounts of researchers and students working in Ethiopia, looking at plant fossils from 27-28 million years ago to better understand prehistoric plant life, geology, and climate. Plans also call for similar blogs in Amharic from Ethiopian researchers and students.

Kathryn Larson
Dec. 20, 2006
This past weekend we took a break from working to explore Addis and the surrounding area and to do a bit of holiday shopping. We did quite a bit of damage in the cloth shopping district, buying up scarves, blankets, and everything else made of fabric that one could imagine. I successfully convinced myself that buying so much cloth was a good idea . . . More.

Chris Strganac
Dec. 16, 2006
After a week in Chilga Woreda, my mind is boggled and my thoughts are racing. It could be the full coffee service I had. The people of Chilga I saw didnít have much and are the hardest working folks I have ever known. In many ways this is the picture I have after hearing my motherís parentsí stories of growing up in the Appalachians of North Carolina. . . . More.

Louis Jacobs
Dec. 8, 2006
This is my first trip to Ethiopia, although I have worked in a number of other African countries. Right away a few things stand out. First is the food, the spicy meat and vegetables served with the unusual sourish bread called njira, that you do not see elsewhere. . . More.

Bonnie Jacobs
Dec. 3, 2006
We have already had a traditional Ethiopian meal with the brothers of an Ethiopian friend who lives in Dallas.  We enjoyed injera along with several kinds of meat and bean dishes, and with the traditional dish, Dorowat. These are great restaurants, but my favorite part really is the tradition of bringing a large silver pitcher and bowl for each diner to wash their hands before eating. . . More.