Elections 2008: Issues and Answers
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It's the end of the road for McCain and Obama. What did the candidates do right? What did they do wrong? For analysis from one of our experts, call SMU News & Communications at 214-768-7650.

The Glass Ceiling

How did women fare in 2008? Dennis Simon has conducted extensive research into the districts most likely to elect a woman. He is the co-author of Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling: Women and Congressional Elections. Simon is an associate professor of political science at SMU.

Lone Star Stats

It's home to George W. Bush, and it’s been a red state for years, but are political preferences changing in Texas? Cal Jillson is a Lone Star State political expert, and he’s following changes in voter attitudes both on the local and statewide level. Jillson is an associate dean and a professor of political science at SMU.

U-Turn for the Religious Right?

They've been a major force in politics for more than a decade, but where will the religious right go after the 2008 election? Matthew Wilson’s research specializes in the voting behavior of religious voters, as well as public opinion, elections, religion and politics, and political psychology. He is currently at work on two book projects, one on the political behavior of American Catholics and another dealing with how citizens decide whom to hold accountable for social and political outcomes. Wilson is an associate professor of political science at SMU.


SMU’s election experts are ready to analyze the aftermath of Tuesday's elections. Whether it’s how Obama manages expectations, religion and politics, future strategies or President Bush's legacy, we’ve got just the right professor for you.

Cal Jillson

Rita Kirk

Dennis Simon

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