North Texas Earthquake Study

SMU Seismometer Installation

SMU scientists Chris Hayward, Heather DeShon and SMU graduate student Remi Oldham installed a broadband seismometer Jan. 16, 2014, in a municipal storage building south of the Reno-Azle area. SMU photographer Hillsman Jackson took these photographs to illustrate the installation process.


Monitoring equipment was brought to the site for installation.

The silver, cylindrical seismometer was placed on the concrete floor of the building and oriented to align with corresponding compass points.

Team members ran a cable to connect the seismometer to communications interface equipment housed in the orange metal box. The interface equipment allows the transmission of the data collected by the seismometer back to SMU.

The team used a laptop to “unlock” the seismometer, level it, and confirm that all three sensors were recording ground motion.

After installing a GPS on the outside of the building, the team connected the modem via cable through the wall to the communications interface equipment.

Hayward logged in from the field to make sure the data was being received at SMU.