Mosasaur Moment

Mosasaur Quiz

Move over Barney. Mosasaurs are now a popular field of study by scientists who study dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Test how much you know about mosasaurs by taking this simple quiz.

1) Mosasaurs are a species of dinosaurs?


2) Mosasaurs belong to what group of animal?

A - Whales
B - Sharks
C - Lizards
D - Birds

3) Mosasaurs lived in which geological time period?

A - Cretaceous
B - Tertiary
C - Carboniferous
D - Cambrian

4) Where are most of the mosasaur fossils found today?

A - Africa
B - Europe
C - Kansas
D - the Netherlands

5) The first mosasaurs had feet, not fins, and lived in shallow seas, coming in and
    out of the water.


6) Scientists identify mosasaurs by which of their body parts?

A - Teeth
B - Jaws
C - Head
D - Palate (roof of the mouth)
E - All of the above

7) Why were mosasaurs able to thrive and live such a long time in the Earth’s oceans?

A -They laid eggs that floated
B - They adapted to life in water in many ways, including the way they moved,
      the way they breathed, the way they ate, and the way they reproduced
C - They had big brains
D - They had gills

8) Mosasaurs survived longer than dinosaurs.


9) What did mosasaurs eat?

A - Squid
B - Fish
C - Sea-diving birds
D - Shellfish
E - All of the above

10) How big did the jaws of the biggest mosasaurs grow in length?

A - One foot
B - Over five feet
C - 20 feet
D - Two feet

Check your answers.