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Taylor, Torino

Taylor, a first-year student majoring in biochemistry, is one of the youngest players on the USA Paralympic Sled Hockey team. But he heads toward the Winter Games in Torino, Italy, with a silver medal from the 2004 U.S. World Championships already under his belt. “School and hockey are what I do,” Taylor says.

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Day 14 (March 18, 2006)

Well, today was the big day, the Bronze Medal game. It wasn't the color medal we came here to play for, but I will take any color of Olympic medal any day. It was an extremely tough game! It went back and forth all game. I scored in the second period to tie the game at 2, then Germany scored and we tied it up in the third period. With 4 mintues to go, my line went out, and I assisted the game winning goal to my teammate Taylor Chace. It was awesome – everyone went nuts. Luckily we were able to hold the Germans off for the last 3 minutes of the game, and we won the Bronze. It was an amazing feeling, hearing everyone chant "USA" and clap for us. Definitely the greatest moment of my life!

After our game, we went to the Gold Medal game between Canada and Norway. The whole game was dominated by Canada. They scored once each period, capping off the tournament with a 3-0 shutout over Norway to win the gold.

There is only one bad thing about this whole experience...missing school. I haven't done a lick of school work since we got here, which is not a good situation. Hopefully, I will be able to catch back up before the end of the semester. It is definitely time to come home, and I can't wait to be back in the U.S.

Day 13 (March 17, 2006)

Today everyone was just getting over our loss in the semifinals. Kind of a depressing day and we didn't do much. Just getting ready for the Bronze Medal game.