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Whitney, SMU-in-Taos

Whitney is majoring in French and this past year was on the Relay for Life Leadership Board as co-chair of Team Development, organizing team captains for the event.

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June 23, 2006

I am an art student at the SMU-in-Taos program, and I very happy with my decision to take this course. It is unlike any art class on the SMU campus in Dallas.

We have hiked, both with the class and on our own time, to several locations to draw/paint. We are given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this extraordinary surrounding. When we are not off hiking to our drawing destinations we are in the art barn, which becomes a home away from the casita.

I think being able to experience the culture and nature, that is so unique to the area, has really been the most enjoyable part of this trip. Not only have I been hiking for art class, but I am also in the wellness class, and we have rafted and rock climbed as well as hiked. It has been refreshing to be outside and active, in such gorgeous weather. I have also enjoyed getting to know other people at SMU through this program, in my art class, wellness class and the girls I live with in my casita.

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