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Emily, SMU-in-Taos

Emily is a junior majoring in art.

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June 23, 2006

Taos by numbers
1. Our art class has gone on an area hike. We have also taken our own days to go hike. Otherwise we get to work all day and night in the art barn.

2. I enjoy coming to Taos. This is my second summer here and it's always different and fun.

3. The most enjoyable time in Taos has been with the 6 other students in my class and our two professors.

4. My most interesting occurrence with the natives has been learning that Espanola is the low rider capital of the United States.

5. The funny mishaps on campus have been at the art barn.

6. Taos has been sublime. I had a really scary fall while hiking that almost threw me over the edge. Something must have grabbed me before I went over. We always talk about the sublime in art, but how many people really see it, especially unmanufactured.

7. Issues on and off campus are minor. Things that are inherent when living with others.

9. Taos is work. You have to balance your time more stringently than in Dallas.

10. If you respect the locals and remember that you are a visitor, no problems should arise.

11. The culture in Taos is polar. No middle class seems to exist.

12. This is the best art class I have taken.

13. Food is what you make of it. You have to get creative at times assembling your meals because the options remain the same; however, Dijon mustard on carrots and tomatoes is palatable.

15. I like Ft. Burgwin because it's time to get away from "Dallas" life. Dressing up is a clean shirt, jeans and Rainbows. Make-up and hair – forget about it.

I wanted to climb Wheeler Peak before I leave; however, we are three days before the show, so taking a day and night off is unthinkable at this point. I wish it was offered sooner in the program.

More vegetarian options would be nice, too.

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