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Cole, Dallas

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A senior advertising major, Cole is a summer intern for the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau. He attends SMU on a football scholarship and found the internship with the help of the SMU Athletic Department’s PALS program. Preparing Achievers for Lifetime Success (PALS) is a career and personal development program created 10 years ago for student athletes. More than 1,500 student-athletes have found internships or full-time jobs through PALS.

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July 19, 2006

Everything is going great here at the bureau.  I have just recently shifted from the sports marketing to the sales department.  I have really learned a lot about marketing and sales as well as Dallas itself.  This internship has been a great opportunity for me and has really helped me get a better understanding of several different fields.  Thanks for everything! 

June 12, 2006

Goal: Sports marketing experience
     When they tell you you’re going to have to work hard they’re not kidding!! The reason I applied for an internship at the Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is because I felt it would give me a wide experience in different fields. I am an advertising and sociology major and want to pursue a job in sports marketing. Working here is allowing me to get experience in sports marketing as well as just regular marketing, sales and member services experience. I really felt this internship would allow me to learn about the field I wanted to pursue as well as others. The application process was very smooth and straight to the point. Ed Wisneski with the PALS program got me in contact with the DCVB and soon after that I was hired.

     Right now I'm working in the Sports Marketing department and my main responsibilities are to help coordinate and plan upcoming events in Dallas in partnership with the Big 12, C-USA and other college and pro sports.

Life after SMU
     I'm hoping, after my internship is over, I will have a better idea of what I want to pursue once I'm finished with college. This internship allows me to get a better understanding of different career paths I can choose. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of the bureau, I get to learn about the different fields and what they entail. I'm extremely happy and fortunate to have this internship, and I thank Ed Wisneski very much for making this happen.