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Amy, New York City

Map of Manhattan

Amy is a sophomore majoring in Individualized Study in the Arts and Womens' Studies. She will spend the summer attending Parsons School of Design and working with New York designers before launching her fourth collection of clothing under the Revier label.

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May 24, 2006

In New York City
     Hi everyone! I am at Parsons School of Design in New York for the summer. I'm already very busy with school and really enjoying the city. I am enrolled in three classes, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Whew!

     I'm living in a wonderful area -- right next to Greenwich Village on East 12th and 3rd Street...right on the corner of Union Square. Whole Foods is right next door as well as a 5-story-tall Barnes and Noble.

Studying Design Concepts
     I'm taking two fashion design courses -- design concepts (which discusses the market, opportunities, the lengthy and quite challenging process of designing, etc.) and a fashion drawing course in which I sketch models, create my own collection on story boards/drawing boards, etc.

     I am also enrolled in a studio art class that I really enjoy. We do a bit of everything -- painting, drawing, draping and research.

Study or Explore?
     I am exhausted -- I have a lot of homework each night and a huge urge to explore...there's not enough time! I have been walking everywhere...the Upper East Side and 5th Avenue have wonderful shops. Prada has a beautiful installation in their boutique. There are many, many art galleries and exhibits I am dying to see...this weekend I will be traveling around catching as many as I can.

     Anyways, that's all for now -- I will write when I have time!