Student Adventures Around The World

What is Student Adventures?

  1. Student Adventures is a web site for SMU students — — to share stories and photos about their adventures at home and abroad.
  2. The Student Adventures site was started less than two years ago and has been a huge hit -- it gets hundreds of thousands of visits a year. Contributing students come from all cross sections of campus and send journal entries from all over the world. (Students' last names are not posted, to protect their privacy.)

Why be an Adventurer?

  1. Spread the word. No one may know about your mission trip to Ghana, but that will all change when you publish entries on a website that receives around 10,000 hits a month.
  2. Share the spirit. Show prospective students and alumni what Mustangs are up to. They constantly want to learn more about what’s happening on the Hilltop, and this is a great way for them to stay informed.
  3. Make memories. You’ll look back on your entries and remember your experience and things you’ve forgotten. It’s like a ready-made scrapbook.

Getting Started

  1. Send a picture of yourself to Laurel O’Connor at
  2. Write an introductory entry about what you’re doing, why, what you expect to get out of it, anything you’re looking forward to, etc.

Being an Adventurer

  1. Send in entries as often as you like, funny stories, thought-provoking moments, anything you would be like to read. Space out entries during semester programs, or blog every day during shorter programs—you set the pace—but know that thousands of readers will want to keep up with you and what you’ve learned.
  2. Send pictures! A slideshow will be created on your page with your photos and captions. Let readers see where you’ve been.


  1. Update. Don’t let months go by between entries; readers want to know what they’ve missed.
  2. Be your own editor. We edit your entries only for glaring spelling errors, so make sure that what you’re writing is appropriate for various audiences.
  3. Length doesn’t matter. A short paragraph about a funny moment or cool experience can be just as interesting as a long entry about a weekend.
  4. Be candid. Mention the little things that made something memorable.
  5. Be yourself. After all, it is your adventure!