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Student Foundation Development Committee

The Student Foundation Development committee performs the key functions of securing corporate sponsorships and soliciting donations for all Student Foundation events, as well as maintaining strong relationships with alumni of both the organization and the university as a whole. Committee members contact various organizations, restaurants, and corporations to obtain sponsorships for all events, as well as donations such as monetary contributions, food items, and gift certificates for Homecoming programming specifically.  Additionally, Committee members work to create initiatives that will engage alumni in the current programming of Student Foundation. This committee works closely with other committees in order to ensure proper funding is secured for event programming, and is vital for the success of all Student Foundation sponsored events.   


2014 Development Committee:


Development Chair - Jennifer Zotz
Sponsorship Chairs - Hena Rafiq, Elissa Evanich, and Becca Zivin

VPP - Kenna Rood

Are you involved with a Business or Organization looking for an Advertising Opportunity?

Currently, Student Foundation is looking for organizations and businesses who are interested in advertising for the upcoming events throughout the 2014 Calendar year.

If interested, please contact Jennifer Zotz at for more details on sponsorships and advertisements.

By advertising with us, you (or your business) can feel the growth of the SMU community and benefit in more ways than one!