Reaffirmation Teams and Committees

SMU Reaffirmation Teams and Committees

SMUís project for seeking reaffirmation of accreditation will be a university-wide effort, guided by a Leadership Team, Steering Committee, and various Committees. An organizational chart of this structure is also available.

The Leadership Team consists of:
R. Gerald Turner, President
Paul Ludden, Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs
Chris Casey, Vice-President of Business and Finance
Randall Griffin, Chair of Steering Committee
John Kalb, Director of Institutional Research and SACS Liaison

A Steering Committee will guide the overall work of the Committees. Professor Randall Griffin serves as the Chair of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee, in turn, reports to the Leadership Team for the SMU Reaffirmation of Accreditation project.

The Steering Committee includes:
Randall Griffin
Jill Allor
Patty Alvey
Tom Barry
Brad Cheves
Robert H. Dedman, Jr.
Jim Dunham
Bill Dworaczyk
Gary Evans
Dennis Foster
Vicki Hill
Ellen Jackofsky
Gillian McCombs
Darius Miller
Richard Nelson
Connie O'Neill
Ellen Pryor
Beth Thornburg
Don Vanderwalle

Steve Chan, Web Support
John Kalb, Ex-officio

The various Committees and their Chairs are as follows:

Program and Content
Darius Miller, Chair

Governance, Procedure, and Policy
William Bridge, Chair

Faculty Issues
Richard Nelson, Chair

Student Issues
Vicki Hill, Chair

Finances and Physical Resources
Don VandeWalle, Chair

Institutional Effectiveness
Patty Alvey, Chair

Library and Resources
Gillian McCombs, Chair

General Education
Tom Tunks, Chair

Quality Enhancement Plan ( QEP)
Maggie Dunham, Chair

James Quick, Chair