Trainer Bios

Alexandra Adler

AlexMajor: B.S. in Applied Physiology and Enterprise at SMU

Certifications: AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer, TRX Certified

Training Specialties: I am pursuing a career in physical therapy and value the importance of proper body biomechanics while exercising. I have significant hands on experience with injuries and rehabilitation. Other areas of focus include strength and conditioning, core strengthening, and weight loss/management.

Hobbies: Working out, playing volleyball, bike riding, snowboarding, hiking and watching football

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Paul Anderson

Major: Personal Training NASM, TRX Certified and working onApplied Physiology and Enterprise degree

Training Specialties: Strength and Conditioning, weight loss, performance enhancement training, and motivation

Hobbies: I love to train to improve my overall athleticism and bodybuilding. Besides being a personal trainer I was a combat fitness instructor in the Marine Corps. I have a passion for music and art, but the inabilities to make music or create art that other people enjoy other than me.

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Kevin Cox

Major: Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

Certifications: NSCA CSCS Certified.

Training Specialties: 3 years of personal training experience. Sport Performance, weight loss, strength training, and functional training.

Hobbies: Watching All Sporting Events, Cooking, Working Out, Public Speaking

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Andrew Elrod

AndrewMajor: B.S. Religion from Liberty University; M.T.S. from SMU Perkins School of Theology

Certification: ACE Personal Trainer Certification

Training Specialties: 17 years of strength training experience for competitive sports and bodybuilding; extensive plyometric and strength training for high school and college football; and 3 years of bodybuilding training

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Rachael Hubers

Major: BBA Marketing with minors in Applied Physiology and Enterprise and Psychology at SMU

Certification: American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Training

Training Specialties: Increasing overall muscle strength, endurance, and definition; promoting weight loss; building core strength; and training proper form and alignment

Hobbies: Spinning, yoga, tennis, snow skiing, wakeboarding, and trying new group exercise classes; reading and writing; and spending time with family and friends

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Derek Ruiz

Major: Electrical Engineering/Biomedical

Training Experience: I am experienced in all forms of fitness- from training clients to compete in body building competitions, sports performance and clients trying to lose weight. I focus on helping my clients achieve their fitness goals in a safe and effective way.  I have helped design several fitness fitness programs including Fitness Five and Mustang Shed & Shred.

Training Specialties: Weight Management/Lose, Fitness Figure and Body Building, Sports Performance/Conditioning, Weight Training, Gravity Strength, Kettlebells, High Intensity Interval Training, Boot Camps, Spinning and Boxing Conditioning

Certifications: ACE Personal Training, AFAA Group Exercise, Cooper Institute Biomechanics, Special Populations, Functional Assessments, Keiser Indoor Cycling, Gravity GTS Training

Hobbies: I enjoy running, being outdoors, working out, playing basketball, watching movies, listening to music, playing with computers and other technologies, tuning cars and salsa dancing.

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Lamont Stano

Training Specialties: As an individual who has fought the weight loss battle I have real world experience and knowledge I would like to share with my clients. No matter how far they are from their ideal weight all goals are achievable. I stand as a living testament. I can also assist in improving overall health and athleticism.

Certifications: CPT-Cooper Institute

Hobbies: I enjoy daily exercise, healthy eating and cooking, watching football (Go COWBOYS!) and planet watching with my telescope.

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Alex Vasile


Major: Pre-Law; Psychology and Sociology Major with a Spanish Minor

Training Specialties: Strength and Conditioning, Body Weight Exercises, High Intensity Interval Training, Small Group Training, Core Strength, Proper Form and Alignment

Certifications: AFAA Primary Group Exercise, AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer, TurboKick, BodyPump, RIPPED, Kickboxing, Boot Camp

Hobbies: Half Marathon Running, Swimming, Kickboxing, Shopping, Spending Time with Friends and Family, Reading, Watching Movies, Traveling

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Caroline French


Major: Candidate for MBA in Marketing and MA in Arts Administration- SMU 2012
BFA Dance Performance and BBA Management- SMU 2010
BBA Management- SMU 2010

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Training Specialties: Increasing overall muscle strength, muscular imbalances, core strengthening

Training Specialties: As a ballet dancer for 18 years, I place great emphasis on developing good posture while exercising.  To achieve this, I focus on developing the core and analyzing body alignmnet for my clients.

Hobbies: Dancing, snow skiing, hiking, reading, and watching football

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Boxing Coach

David Douglas

Certifications: USA Certified Boxing Coach, TX State Licensed Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts Trainer

Training Experience: USA Boxing Team Member, AAU National Boxing Champion, All-Army Boxing Champion.  Founder of "Boxing Fitness" at Cooper Fitness Center.  Boxing Instructor for Mixed Martial Arts, Lion's Den/Combat Sports in Dallas.  Currently training Olympic Qualifiers, USA Nationals, Golden Gloves and World Tournaments Boxers and UFC, PRIDE, King of the Cage and World Combat League Fighters.

Training Specialties: Boxing skills applied to fitness conditioning, competition and self-defense. 

Hobbies: Studying fighting styles, running, trail racing, reading and writing

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