Flag Football

Southern Methodist University's Intramural sports program is offered through the Department of Recreational Sports. The Intramural program has over 3,000 participants involved in over 30 different individual/dual and team sport activities throughout the academic year.


Through Intramurals, students/faculty/staff have the opportunity to learn and/or perfect physical skills, compete in a structured/safe environment, and challenge themselves and others through individual and team competition. Committed to the development of leadership qualities, Intramurals provides students not only the opportunity to lead and organize teams, but there are, also, employment opportunities. These opportunities include officiating, supervising, scorekeeping, equipment management, and office administration.

Table Tennis

Sport offerings are scheduled into both competitive and recreational leagues for men, women, fraternities, sororities, residence halls, independents, co-recreational, and faculty/staff groups. Non-affiliated individuals may sign up as an individual participant and be placed on an existing team.

For more information about Intramurals, please contact David Chambers, Associate Director of Programs, at 214-768-4823 or


Recreational Sports is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.