Home Tournament Fall 2006


Registration for the tournament will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis

  • The deadline is on September 18th, 2006.

  • The tournament begins on September 22nd 2006.

  • Complete schedule will be posted on the Mustangs Cricket Club website on September 20th.

Rules and regulations

  • All games will be played with taped hard tennis ball

  • A team comprises of not more than 8 players. ONE player from the team has to be designated as a substitute player before the start of each game.

  • A player cannot represent more than one team

  • The round robin league and the semi-finals will be 6 Overs a side and the final will be 8 Overs a side.

  • If it rains on the day of the event and the condition of the pitch does not allow for play, MCC will try its best to re-schedule the tournament to a more convenient date.

  • If ALL the team members do not show up 10 min. prior to the scheduled game time, they run the risk of having to forfeit the game.

  • The decision of the Organizing committee (Arvind, Bhargav, Mithun and Ravi) is final and has to be respected by all teams.

  • Aside from the above rules, regular ICC rules will also be enforced

  • MCC CANNOT be held liable for any injuries sustained during the course of the tournament


  • In a 6 over match, only TWO bowlers can bowl a maximum of 2 overs and the others can bowl a maximum of 1 over.

  • In the eight over match (Semifinals and Finals), only one bowler can bowl a maximum of 3 overs, 2 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 2 overs and the others can bowl a maximum of 1 over.

  • No-balls and wide fetch 1 run each.

  • In the event of a dead ball, the batting team does not get an extra run but the ball has to be bowled again. A ball is declared dead if and only if

    • It crosses the stumps after 2 bounces without making any contact with either a player or the bat.

    • It hits the bat or a player after two bounces


  • Dismissals do not include LBW's.

  • An innings can end if

    • 6 batsmen are dismissed

    • A team reaches the target with overs to spare.

    • A team completes its quota of overs.

  • A batsman who scores 25 runs will HAVE to retire. He can resume batting after 5 wickets have fallen.

  • Overthrows and Byes are included as part of the score. Please note that runs cannot be scored through leg byes.

  • Waist high full-toss ball or a bouncer above shoulder height will be considered a no-ball. Please note that the one bouncer ICC rule is not going to be followed.

  • We will have markers to signify the boundary.

  • Substitutions are allowed if a team has extra players and if the umpire agrees.

  • The umpire’s decision is final. Disputes if any will be resolved by the umpires in consultation with the Organizing Committee.

Results (Knock Out Stage)

    • If a game is tied, then the team that lost the lesser number of wickets will win.

    • If the number of wickets lost is also the same, then the team that that has played fewer overs will win.

    • If a dead lock still remains, a coin toss will determine the winner.

Point System

  • Winning team gets 8 points

  • Tie fetches 4 points to both the teams

One bonus point will be awarded when

    •  An individual batsman scores 25 runs.

    •  An individual bowler takes atleast 3 wickets.

    •  A team scores 60 or more runs

    •  A team restricts the chasing team to less than or equal to 50% of the target score.

    •  A team reaches the target score in 3 overs.




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