Equipment Rental Policy & Additional Fees


Equipment must be picked-up at the OA Rental Shop during staffed operational hours.

Late Fee

Items are considered late if not returned to OA Rental Shop by closing on due date.

Daily rental rate/day/item up to 7 days.  After 7 days, see Damaged/Lost

Damaged/Lost Equal to repair or retail replacement plus shipping.
Dirty/Cleaning Fee $10/item if deemed beyond "normal."


  • To rent equipment from the OA Rental Shop, individuals must have an SMU ID number or Dedman Center member ID number. 
  • Staff and Faculty are not required to be members of the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. 
  • General community and Dedman Center guests are not permitted to rent equipment.
  • The individual signing the Rental Agreement accepts responsibility for the equipment and any fees or charges that may incur.
  • Rentals will be charged on a per day/item fee.  A small selection of equipment may be rented by the hour.
  • A credit card deposit in the form of MasterCard, Visa, or Discover is required for all rentals and rental reservations.  No exceptions and no charges to student accounts.  Sorry, no American Express.
  • The credit card deposit will not be charged unless requested by the renter OR additional fees are incurred. 
  • SMU Outdoor Adventures and the OA Rental Shop make no representation, warranties, or covenants, expressed or implied with respect to the condition, quality, durability, or suitability of the rented equipment and assumes no liability for any bodily injury or damaged property resulting from the use, improper or otherwise, of the rented equipment.
  • AN INDIVIDUAL RENTER MAY ONLY RENT CAMPING EQUIPMENT FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE (Example: 2- 2 person tents, 4 sleeping bags or 4 person tent, 4 sleeping bags).  Due to the large number of negative consequences involving damaged and late equipment returns, and to protect individual renters, the OA Rental Shop will no longer allow one individual to be responsible for "large" quantities of equipment for a group.


  • Reservations will be accepted via phone (214-768-9918) or in person at the OA Rental Shop up to 2 weeks in advance of the pickup date.
  • A credit card deposit is required to hold equipment for reservations.  Without a credit card deposit, items will not be designated to the individual's reservation and subject to first come, first serve on day of pick-up.
  • Without a reservation, rentals are on a first come, first serve basis and subject to availability.
  • The individual on the reservation must notify the OA Rental Shop if someone other than the individual listed is picking up the equipment.


  • Payment is expected at time of pick-up and can be in the form of cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.
  • All additional fees will be charged to the credit card deposit.  Outstanding fees not collected via deposit will result in holds placed on the SMU account which prohibits participation in graduation, early registration, access to the Dedman Recreation Center, and future SMU OA activities and programs.
  • Individual picking up the rental will be responsible for paying the rental fees.


  • Equipment is to be returned in a clean and operational condition. 
  • Items returned soiled, or excessively wet will be charged a Cleaning Fee (see Fees).
  • Rental equipment is to be returned by the due date indicated on the Rental Agreement.
  • If returning rental equipment on the due date after OA Rental Shop operational hours, see a Dedman Facilities Manager on duty at the Dedman Center's Main Desk. 
  • Late Fees (see Fees) will be charged for any item not returned to the OA Rental Shop by the due date.


  • Cancellation of a rental reservation the day of pick-up or not showing up to pick up will result in a charge of one daily rental rate/item to the credit card deposit

For any questions please contact the Outdoor Adventures Office at 214-768-9918 or email


Recreational Sports is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.