Bike Lease Project

Save Time, Save Money, Save the Planet

The Outdoor Adventures Bike Lease Project was made possible through a generous donation by SMU Alum Christopher ('96) and Jennifer Miller.  The intention was to provide transportation alternatives to the SMU community at minimal expense to the individual. 

Bikes are awarded to individuals for a lease term of one semester at a reasonable fee to cover expenses associated with upkeep and maintenance.  Outdoor Adventures provides preventative and minor maintenance at no charge (See Terms and Conditions of Lease). 

The bikes (Men & Women's) are single speed cruisers.

How to Participate in the Bike Lease Project

Because of the tremendous response to the Outdoor Adventures Bike Lease project and the limited number of bikes available, the Outdoor Adventures will award bikes through a name drawing to be fair to all who wish to participate.  Please note that this program was designed to enhance the campus community so preference will be given to individuals living on campus (proof of residence required).

To be eligible:

  • Must be a member of the SMU community (SMU Student, Faculty or Staff)
  • Must be able to pay the $20 semester lease fee at time of pick-up.
  • A bike lock is available for an additional $5 lease fee.
  • If notified, individuals must pick up the lease bike within the designated time period or the bike will be returned to available inventory.

Bike Lease Form

  • Submit the online Bike Lease Form to participate in the drawing prior to the deadline.

Summer 2014 Bike Lease Update

  • Submit  online information until Tuesday, June 6, 2014 at 6.00 pm.
  • Notifications  for pick up after draw will begin  Monday, June 9 , 2014.
  • Returns are due Mid August (e mail will be sent out).

Terms and Conditions of Bike Lease:

  • SMU Outdoor Adventure Bike Lease Program is for the personal use of the individual listed on the Lease Agreement and the individual is an enrolled student or an SMU employed faculty or staff member.

  • Individual is responsible for payment of the semester bike lease fee at time of lease start date.

  • Lease equipment must be presented to SMU Outdoor Adventures UPON REQUEST and by the specified deadline.

  • The bike is to be returned to the Outdoor Adventures (OA) Rental Shop in the condition as indicated on this agreement.  All add-on accessories must be removed prior to return of equipment.  The OA Rental Shop will charge an additional cleaning fee of $10 for each item to restore the lease bike to original condition.  This includes but is not limited to removal of: baskets, horns, bells, stickers, paint, etc.

  • The individual  is responsible for the cost of necessary repairs and/or replacement associated with the bike in his/her possession.  OA Rental Shop DOES NOT provide a helmet but you can rent a lock for $ 5.00 from us.  Lessee is responsible for lost or stolen bike.  OA Rental Shop will be responsible for preventative maintenance and repairs deemed "normal wear and tear" and not due to negligence or abuse of the Lessee. This includes tire repair or replacement and associated conditions.

  • If the bike is in need of repair/maintenance, the OA Rental Shop may not be able to substitute.  The OA Rental Shop will contact the Lessee upon completion of necessary work.

  • If the individual is found to be negligent, refuses to return bike, or not satisfying any associated additional fees, the OA Rental Shop will place a hold on the individual’s SMU account for any and all charges associated with replacement and/or repair to operational condition.  Additional sanctions may include but are not limited to: ineligibility to rent future OA equipment, denied access to the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, referral to Community Conduct and/or criminal charges with SMU Police.

  • An individual's lease will be terminated with the return of lease bike in the condition received and documented on the lease agreement.  If the returned bike requires repair, the individual's lease will not be terminated until all additional fees/charges are received.

  • The Lease Fee is non-refundable for early termination.  A Lease terminated within one week of equipment pick-up will be charged the OA Rental Shop's BIKE RENTAL RATE FOR THE DURATION IN THEIR POSSESSION.

  • The Lessee agrees to campus policies regarding bike use on campus.  Failure to which will lead to the lease bike being impounded and the individual’s lease terminated.

  • The Lessee is responsible for knowing and abiding by city, state and federal bicycling safety laws and regulation.

For any questions please contact the Outdoor Adventures Office at 214-768-9918 or email


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