Climbing Wall Policies

Hueco Wall and Taos Tower

The following Climbing Wall policies must be followed for safety:

  • Follow posted rules and regulations.

  • Climbing Wall Staff must be present during roped climbing on the Taos Tower. Bouldering on the Hueco Bouldering Wall is at your own risk and available outside Climbing Wall operational hours.

  • Parents of children under the age of 16 using the Climbing Wall must stay in the immediate area.

  • Only appropriate climbing footwear is allowed. NO Sandals. NO Bare feet. NO Boots.

  • Personal hardware, belay devices or ropes may NOT be used at the Climbing Wall. Personal harnesses must be approved by climbing wall staff.

  • Roped climbers will be required to sign a one-time release of liability form and must check in at the Climbing Wall desk.

  • Helmets are recommended for roped climbing and are available for check-out with ID.

  • To belay, climbers must obtain an SMU Climbing Wall belay approval card.  Belayers must display their approval card on their harness.

  • To lead climb, climbers must have a valid SMU Climbing Wall top-rope belay approval, demonstrate a climbing ability > 5.8 rating, and pass a Lead Climbing skills test.

  • Climbing Wall equipment may not be removed from the Climbing Wall area.

  • Only Climbing Wall staff may remove or place handholds and quickdraws.

  • No private or independent instruction unless approved by SMU Outdoor Adventures.

  • Report any accidents/injuries or equipment/wall damage.

  • Climbing Wall, its staff, SMU Outdoor Adventures program or Department of Recreational Sports will not be responsible for personal items left in the area.

  • Individuals exhibiting inappropriate or unsafe behaviors or fail to comply with the rules/regulations and Climbing Wall policies or directives of Climbing Wall staff may have their access to the Climbing Wall and Dedman Center suspended or revoked.

For any questions please contact the Climbing Wall at 214-768-9917.


Recreational Sports is a department in the Division of Student Affairs.