Climbing Wall's Mile High Club

Join the Mile High Club by accumulating 5280 vertical feet in 10 weeks.

Fall 2013: August 26- November 2, 2013

Fall 2011: Over 100 attempted but only 16 succeeded.

Might Morphin First Solo: Ross Barron 11/1/11   First Team: Mighty Morphin Power Climbers-Brad Graves/Jennifer Tran 11/2/11
John Cockerham John Cockerham 11/4/11   Musical Mob-Frank Rosamond/Jake Prentice 11/7/11
William O'Connor William O'Connor 11/6/11   M & M- Matt Deaver/Mitch Miller 11/17/11
bobby bartels Bobby Bartels 11/8/11    
Don Fleitman Don Fleitman 11/13/11    
  Joshua Munguia 11/14/11    
  Alex Courrau 11/15/11    
Jordan Lee First Women: Jordan Lee 11/15/11    
mandy trexel Mandy Trexel 11/16/11    
Eric Donnally Eric Donnally 11/17/11    

Fall 2010

First Solo: Matt Coates First Team: Keith-Higgins
Solo: Ted Macguire Team: Gliga-Ramani
Solo: Hudson Lewis Team: Gatz-Glander
Solo: Alec Pagan   Team: Meriggi-Morrow
Solo: Jordan Lee   Team: Moore-Fawcett
Solo: Thomas Wells    
  Solo: Margaret Fegan    
  Solo: Cameron Skreden    

Fall 2009


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First Solo Summit of Semester

Alex Curran

Fall 09

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First Female Solo

Christy Vutam

Fall 09

Not pictured:

  • Jordan Lee
  • Raven Sanders

Summit Teams

  • Glove Box Pizza: Meagan Whitley/Debra Branch
  • Moose Knuckles: Trey Trevino/Sal Bautista
  • Thunder Bunnies: Caitlin Lester/John Holcomb
  • The Yams: Lauren Hadaway/Rob Thomson

Spring 2009

Summit Teams


Gabe Valdes/Aaron Bickle

Not pictured:

  • Sierra Anderson/Tyler Williams

Fall 2008

Summit Teams

Team DNA

Andrea Fernandez/Danni Davis

September 18, 2008

Team Fortress 2

Rachel Kittrell/Nick Bakewell

September 29, 2008


Team Q-Tip

Bryan Chamness/Mike Vangeli

November 3, 2008

Team My Big Toe

Erik Macy/Mike Vangeli

November 3, 2008

Not pictured:

  • Camel Tails-Buzz Nanavati/Ryan Dingwall


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