Kadavu Island Sea Kayak Trip, Fiji: May 18-29, 2008

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Submitted by Kelsey McKinney


The following are exerts of updates from the group

5/19/08: I got a message from Anthony: the group arrived safe and sound in Kadavu (from outfitter's New Zealand support team).

5/21/08: Just a short update from Kadavu. This morning Paige had two dives with the Matava resort's dive masters and she loved it. Everyone else had a sea-kayaking training session with Anthony and then the group kayaked to a waterfall to have a swim in fresh water. After that they kayaked to Waya island for a long snorkeling session. Everyone is happy and healthy. The group is heading to Vacalea village tomorrow.

5/23/08: 'All going well, great weather, great group, some getting tired but all fine'.

5/25/08: It's day 6 of the program and everything is going very well. We arrived at the tail end of a week-long storm and within an hour of getting to Kadavu the wind dropped, the sun came out, the sea was calm - and it has stayed that way since. On the initial motor boat ride from Kadavu airport to our first night's accommodation a pod of dolphins appeared and swam along beside us, which the locals always say is a sign of changing weather, and it certainly proved true.
All the group are doing really well, and are getting along together just fine. There have been no issues to sort out. Daniel cut the sole of his foot pretty bad on a rock, but it's healed up well and doesn't need any further attention. Reagan and Will have been great leaders and organizers - but it has to be said the trip has been going so smoothly they haven't been required to take a strong leadership role. The three Fijian guides have been leading the charge, and everyone's been having a lot of fun.
Right now Reagan, Will, Daniel and Ryan are all doing an introductory scuba-dive on a sheltered reef nearby, and Paige is doing her second open-water dive. Jeff, Danyelle, Kelsey and Clayton are off on a forest walk with the guides.
After lunch we're sea-kayaking across Ono Channel and around to Nukubalavu Guesthouse - about 3-4 hours paddle. Conditions are ideal.
We went kayaking yesterday from about 5pm to 7pm to see the sunset and the moonrise. The stars were spectacular, and the phosphorescence in the water amazing.
All in all I'd have to say things are going perfectly - touch wood. We'll be back in Nadi Wednesday afternoon, and as there's a full day available Thursday before the group fly out I'll be taking them on a day trip (at no extra cost) to a town called Lautoka.

5/26/08: Hi David, time for a quick update before we set off for another day's sea-kayaking. The 5 scuba-divers had an amazing experience yesterday. The 4 who went on the forest walk with the guides came back covered in traditional Fijian body paint, a combination of mud and charcoal, wearing grass skirts and carrying clubs. They performed a war dance on the beach as the scuba-divers arrived back on shore. Hilarious.

Everything is going pretty much perfectly. There's a light breeze today and high cloud - great for kayaking. No one wants to leave Kadavu, but by tomorrow evening we'll be back on the mainland.

Kadavu Trip Summary submitted by Reagan Myers and Will Knapp

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