Frequently Asked Questions - Paymentnet

Question #1: What if I did not receive an email with new user id and password?

Response: Call the 800 # on the back of the card

Question #2: The 800# is wanting the last four of my social or password, what do I give them?

Response: Provide the last four of your SMU ID

Question #3: How do I download a statement for someone other than myself?

Response: Once you have the necessary access the navigation will be to go under the “accounts” heading and select “manage”. You should the receive a list of accounts that you oversee. There will be a statement icon beside each account. When you click that icon, you will be taken to the statement detail screen for that account.

Question #4: Where are the CH and FO check boxes?

Response: They were removed from paymentnet 4 as there was another default “reviewed” check box and they were not going to be viewable on the transaction list screen. Cardholders may use the “reviewed” box the same way and if they want to see which transactions are reviewed on the transaction list screen, they can go to my profile and click on the “screen views” tab and choose to have “approval status” as a column that is shown in the transaction list. This column will show “approved” or “new”. “Approved” means the reviewed box was checked and “new” means it was not checked.

Question #5: Why am I getting an error when I try to change my account codes?

Response: You need to open the transaction detail screen to change your transactions as you will get an error if you try to change it on the transaction list view if it is not in the exact format required. If you received an error about “transaction notes being a required field”, that is no longer the case.

Question: #6 Do you have a copy of the training material you covered at the training classes?

Response: Please see attached Powerpoint presentation.

Question #7: How do I download and submit my statement?

Response: Under the transactions heading there is an option for statement. Choose that option, then when the next screen opens select “download statement”. It will open the statement in the pdf viewer. You will save the statement, then scan and save your receipts. You will submit them as attachments on an email addressed to with your approvers’ email aliases in the subject line separated by a comma.

Question #8: Why am I being asked for an access code?

Response: You must obtain an access code anytime you login on to a different computer. It may also ask you for an access code if you use a different internet browser on the same computer.

Question #9: Why am I being asked for an access code on the same computer/browser in which I have already registered?

Response: You may have cleared your cookies or internet history. You internet settings may be set to clear automatically at the end of the day.