Presidentís Associates Outstanding Faculty Award

The Presidentís Associates Outstanding Faculty Award is given annually for the advancement of teaching and learning. It is designed to honor tenured faculty who have sustained high achievement as both teachers and as scholars in their professions. This award is supported by the Presidentís Office through the Presidentís Associates Program.

1997-1998 David Meltzer Anthropology, Dedman College
1998-1999 Beth Newman English, Dedman College
Gordon Walker OBBP, Cox School of Business
1999-2000 Fredrick Olness Physics, Dedman College
2000-2001 Alastair Norcross Philosophy, Dedman College
Dennis Simon Political Science, Dedman College
2001-2002 Edward Biehl Chemistry, Dedman College
Kathleen Wellman History, Dedman College
2002-2003 Martha Satz English, Dedman College
John Ubelaker Biology, Dedman College
2003-2004 Nina Schwartz English, Dedman College
Donald VandeWalle Mgmt & Organizations, Cox
2004-2005 Eduard Schmieder Music, Meadows School of the Arts
2005-2006 Christine Buchanan Biology, Dedman College
2006-2007 Thomas Mayo Dedman School of Law
2007-2008 N/A  
2008-2009 Carrie La Ferle Advertising, Meadows School of the Arts
Jasper Neel English, Dedman College
2009-2010 Robert Howell Philosophy, Dedman College
Pamela Patton Art History, Meadows School of the Artsu
2010-2011 Robert Harrod Biology, Dedman College
Miguel QuiŮones Management and Organizations, Cox School of Business
2007-2008 N/A  
2011-2012 Patty Wisian-Neilson Chemistry, Dedman College
2013-2014 Darius Miller Finance, Cox School of Business