Golden Mustang Award

The Golden Mustangs is a group of SMU alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago. This group has established an endowment, The Golden Mustang Endowment, for the advancement of teaching and learning. The endowment provides an award to support the teaching and curriculum development on the part of younger faculty members. It has been the practice that this award is given to a junior faculty member who sustains high achievement as both a teacher and scholar.

1987-1988 Doug Ehring Philosophy, Dedman College
1988-1989 Linda Eads Law School
1989-1990 Joe Kobylka Political Science, Dedman College
1990-1991 P.E. Faculty  
1991-1992 Kathy Hayes Economics, Dedman College
1992-1993 Jay Sullivan Art, Meadows School of the Arts
1993-1994 Timothy Davis Law School
1994-1995 Robin Pinkley OBBP, Cox School of Business
José Lage SEAS
1995-1996 Ellen T. Charry Perkins School of Theology
James G. Nagy Mathematics, Dedman College
1996-1997 Peter Beasecker Art, Meadows School of the Arts
John Goodge Geological Sciences, Dedman College
1997-1998 Randall Griffin Art History, Meadows School of the Arts
1998-1999 Mary Spector Dedman Law School
1999-2000 William Barnard Religious Studies, Dedman College
Thomas Carr Mathematics, Dedman College
2000-2001 Trysh Travis English, Dedman College
2001-2002 Hemang Desai Accounting, Cox School of Business
2002-2003 Mark Chancey Religious Studies, Dedman College
2003-2004 Vanessa Beasley CCPA, Meadows School of the Arts
David Willis ME, Lyle School of Engineering
2004-2005 Roy Heller Perkins School of Theology
2005-2006 Marc Christensen EE, Lyle School of Engineering
Michael Householder English, Dedman College
2006-2007 Serge Frolov Religious Studies, Dedman College
Dinesh Rajan EE, Lyle School of Engineering
2007-2008 Maria Dixon CCPA, Meadows School of the Arts
2008-2009 Jeffrey Kahn Dedman School of Law
2009-2010 Amy Buono Art History, Meadows School of the Arts
Sheri Kunovich Sociology, Dedman College
2010-2011 Jill De Temple Religious Studies, Dedman College
2011-2012 Stephen Sekula Physics, Dedman College
2012-2013 Joseph Camp Electrical Engineering, Lyle School of Engineering