Faculty Resources

Provostís 2012 Report to the Faculty (PDF)

5–Year Hiring History (PDF)

Guidelines for Faculty Searches
Faculty Search and Recruitment Forms
An outline of what forms are required during the recruitment process. These steps are provided so that you are able to comply readily with University Policy 6.7 and to adapt your recruiting procedures to advance the Universityís goals of diversity and equal access.
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Center for Teaching Excellence
Faculty members at SMU have an expectation and a record of excellence in teaching, research, and service to the University, the community, and professional fields.
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Teaching Awards & Grants
SMU's emphasis on great teaching is reflected in numerous School and University-wide teaching awards. Some of the university-wide teaching recognitions are listed below; for information about these, contact the Office of the Provost.
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Office of Institutional Access and Equity
The mission of the Office of Institutional Access and Equity is to affirm, assure and acknowledge the law and regulations; to promote access, opportunity, and diversity in the student population and employment; to maintain a consistent and equitable set of practices to assure nondiscrimination against any employee or applicant for admission or employment; and to assist in the initiation of specific efforts to overcome under-utilization or under-representation of women, minorities, disabled, and Vietnam Era Veterans in employment and education.
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Faculty members throughout SMU engage in cutting-edge research. Much of this research depends on, and is recognized by, external funding from federal, state, and foundation support.
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Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate of SMU has the responsibility of representing the General Faculty in matters affecting the University as a whole.
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University Policy Manual
SMU adheres to the official University Policy Manual.
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Academic Ceremonies
Southern Methodist University celebrates academic achievement throughout the year.
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Non-Tenure Track Contract Letter