Distinguished University Citizen Award

The Distinguished University Citizen Award is announced at the University graduation faculty breakfast and is given to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship through dedicated service to the University and its governance.

2001-2002 Christine Buchanan Dedman College – Biology
Charles Helfert Meadows School of the Arts – Theatre
John Slocum Cox School of Business – M&O 
2002-2003 Glenn Linden Dedman College – History
Nathan Montoya Meadows School of the Arts – Dance
Lawrence Ruben Dedman College – Biology
2003-2004 Caroline Brettell Dedman College – Anthropology
Thomas Fomby Dedman College – Economics
Joseph Kobylka Dedman College – Political Science
2004-2005 Gregory Crespi Dedman School of Law
James Hopkins Dedman College - History
Marion Sobol Cox School of Business – ITOM
2005-2006 Bradley Carter Dedman College – Political Science
Fredrick Olness Dedman College – Physics
Ronald Wetherington Dedman College – Anthropology
2006-2007 Ed Biehl Dedman College – Chemistry
Daniel Orlovsky Dedman College – History
Elizabeth Thornburg Dedman School of Law
2007-2008 Lynn Jacobs Simmons School of Education and Human Development – Wellness
Jeffery Kennington School of Engineering – EMIS
Harold Stanley Dedman College – Political Science
2008-2009 David Meltzer Dedman College  – Anthropology
Barbara Hill Moore Meadows School of the Arts – Music
Brian Stump Dedman College – Earth Sciences
2009-2010 Randall Griffin Meadows School of the Arts – Art History
Miguel Quińones Cox School of Business – M&O
Nina Schwartz Dedman College – English
2010-2011 Patricia Alvey Meadows School of the Arts – Advertising
Margaret Dunham Lyle School of Engineering – CSE
Dennis Foster Dedman College – English
2011-2012 Thomas Hagstrom Dedman College – Mathematics
Don VandeWalle Cox School of Business – Management and Organizations
Rhonda Blair Meadows School of the Arts – Theatre
2012-2013 Paige Ware Simmons School of Education and Human Development – Teaching & Learning
Dennis M. Simon Dedman College – Political Science
Robert Kehoe Dedman College – Physics