Center & Institute Directors (CID)



Office Phone

E-mail Address
Adler, Mike SMU-in-Taos Provost 214-768-1864
Alvey, Patricia Assessment & Accreditation Provost 214-768-1864
Besio, Chip Center for Marketing Management Studies Cox School of Business 214-768-4132
Brettell, Caroline Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Dedman College 214-768-4254
Baker, Scott Center on Research & Evaluation Simmons School of Education and Human Development 214-768-7707
Brubaker, Gary Guildhall Provost's Office 972-473-3551
Brueggeman, Bill Folsom Institute of Real Estate Development & Land Use Policy Cox School of Business 214-768-3182
Bryan, Barry Accounting Academic Internship Program Cox School of Business 214-768-3630
Bullock, Bruce Maguire Energy Institute Cox School of Business 214-768-3692
Christensen, Marc (Acting Director) Hunt Instittue for Engineering and Humanity Lyle School of Engineering 214-768-3360
Cox,  W. Michael O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom Cox School of Business 214-768-3251
Engel, Jeffrey Presidential History Project Provost's Office 214-768-3973
Etter, Delores Caruth Institute for Engineeirng Education Lyle School of Engineering 214-768-1734
Fox, Ed JC Penney Center for Retail Excellence Cox School of Business 214-768-3943
Frank, Rebecca Center for Religious Leadership Perkins School of Theology 214-768-2390
Graybill, Andrew Clements Center for Southwest Studies Dedman College 214-768-2709
Greenberg, Ira Center of Creative Computation Meadows School of the Arts 214-768-4625
Grim, Jeff Residence Housing Student Affairs 214-768-0598
Hagstrom, Tom Center for High Performance Computing Dedman College 214-768-4338
Halperin, Rick Embrey Human Rights Center Dedman College 214-768-3284
Heath, Elaine Center for Missional Wisdom Perkins School of Theology 214-768-2167
Hollifield, James Tower Center for Political Studies Dedman College 214-768-2825
Hunt, Robert Evangelism & Missional Church Wisdom Perkins School of Theology 214-768-1374
Jacobs, Lou Institute for the Study of Earth & Man Dedman College 214-768-1602
Kehoe, Bob Undergraduate Research Dedman College 214-768-1793
Kirk, RIta Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility Provost 214-768-2123
Kiser, John Hart Center for Engineering Leadership Lyle School of Engineering 214-768-1717
Kovacevic, Radovan Center for Laser Aided Manufacturing Lyle School of Engineering 214-768-4865
Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Lyle School of Engineering 214-768-4865
Kress, Susan Engaged Learning Provost 214-768-3222
Livingston, Kate SMU-in-Plano Provost 972-473-3401
Lowe, Alan George W. Bush Library George W. Bush Presidential Center 214-346-1680
MacDonald, Scott Southwest Graduate School of Banking Cox School of Business 214-768-2995
Magallanes, Hugo Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity Perkins School of Theology 214-768-4808
Mathes, Patricia Institute for Evidence-Based Education Simmons School of Education  214-768-2646
Maxwell, Bill Alternative Asset Management Center Cox School of Business 214-768-4150
Nice, Heather George W. Bush Library, Education Specialist George W. Bush Presidential Center 214-346-1680
Nippert, Regina Center on Communities and Education Simmons School of Education & Human Development 469.693.7678
Roglan, Mark Director, Meadows Museum Meadows School of the Arts 214-768-2853
Shelly, Don Kitt Investing Trade Center Cox School of Business 214-768-3828
Strasser, Paula Cox Business Leadership Center Cox School of Business 214-768-3104
Edwin L. Cox BBA Business Leadership Institute Cox School of Business 214-768-3104
Thornburg, Beth Center for Teaching Excellence Provost 214-768-2927
Vogel, Pia Center for Drug Discovery Dedman College 214-768-1790
Walther, John Center for Environmental Studies Dedman College 214-768-3174
White, Jerry Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship Cox School of Business 214-768-3330