Faculty Opportunities at AARO

May 17, 2012
Dear Colleagues:
A main goal for the Office of the Provost and Student Affairs is to better connect students to faculty during the orientation process. With the incoming class profile continuing to improve, SMU is attracting a brighter, more competitive student. The trend is for a student to pay deposits at several institutions and then attend orientation programs at each of these institutions prior to making the final decision. A crucial factor in this decision is faculty interaction during orientation.

For that reason, a vital part of AARO (Academic Advising, Registration and Orientation) is the academic introduction that occurs when professors are involved in the program. One opportunity that allows faculty to be formally involved in AARO is a faculty lunch on day two of AARO. Professors are able to talk about their area of expertise and to share their tips for academic success with incoming students. An additional opportunity is Mustang Corral (an off-Campus Retreat for new students) that provides a time for professors to interact with students in a more casual setting.

You can find a more detailed description of these opportunities attached to this email, as well as a schedule for the AARO lunches. If you are able to participate in any of these orientation sessions, please email Ashley Stone at astone@smu.edu We look forward to your involvement in these important events.

Paul W. Ludden
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lori S. White
Vice President for Student Affairs

For more detail, contact Ashley Stone at
214.768.4656 or