Darryl Wende, Operations Manager


2012 and 2013 Operations Manager Darryl Wende


2012 Operations Manager Sean Marlin


2011 operations Manager Lea Cline


2007 and 2008 Operations Manager Matthew Coonan


2006 Operations Manager Jason Doran.


Former Operations Manager Larry Lehman with Mugellan Ombra.


The Comune van hauls field supervisors up the hill each day.


Larry Lehman's famous recipes can be found here: Larry's Recipes.


Operations Manager Larry Lehman leaving a
favorite haunt, the Casa del Prosciutto

2001 Operations Manager Kevin Beard and Housing Manager Krista Farber


In 2000, Kevin Beard and Gillean Bearns
initiated an excavation recycling program

Gillian and Kevin in Vicchio centro on a cartoleria and farmacia run


We buy bread from Luciano Marsili, owner and baker of the Panificio Marsili in Vicchio


Alfredo Lisi of Ferramenta Lisi, who donated palettes to the excavation


Kathy Windrow in a van load of fencing, tarp, and
palettes purchased at Lisi for closing the excavation season


Excavation Houses: Vigna, Selve, and Guardia

Technology: computers and other technology

The Lab: cataloguing, conservation, illustration, and photography

The Environs: a photo journal of the Mugello Valley and its people.