Franklin College
Lugano, Switzerland
August 11 and 12, 2000


Standing left to right: Dr. Tony Tuck, Nicole Stahl, Scott Glenn, Brian Bontempo, Paula Hobart,
Tracy Bergstrom, Dr. Erik Nielsen, Kathy Windrow, Jamison Miller, and Jody Pinkley.
Seated left to right: Suzy Pancaldo, Jess Galloway, and Michael Thomas.


Conference Organizer and Host:

Dr. Erik Nielsen, President of Franklin College and former Director of Poggio Civitate at Murlo.


Above and below: the auditorium at Franklin College in Lugano.


Murlo - Poggio Civitate Conference Participants:

Dr. Anthony Tuck, Director

Suzy Pancaldo, Conservator

Nicole Stahl, Assistant Conservator

Paula Hobart, Assistant Conservator

Jamison Miller, Photographer

Brian Bontempo, Information Specialist

Tracy Bergstrom, Cataloger

Scott Glenn, Trench Supervisor

Jody Pinkley, Poggio Civitate Field School student


Poggio Civitate conservators Suzy Pancaldo, Nicole Stahl, and Paula Hobart.


Jamison Miller presenting his bipod invention for aerial photography.


Papers presented by Murlo - Poggio Civitate staff:

Conservators Paula Hobart, Nicole Stahl, and Suzy Pancaldo presented a talk on adhesives, material types, and magazine systems, and compared methods used today with those used during the early years of excavation at Poggio Civitate. Photographer Jamison Miller presented on a bipod he has designed and used for arial photos. Computer staff--Information Specialist Brian Bontempo and Cataloger Tracy Bergstrom--presented on their construction of a three dimensional computer database for the site. On Saturday afternoon, Dr. Anthony Tuck presented a lecture entitled "Poggio Civitate: Recent Excavations."


Left Dr. Tony Tuck, Director of Poggio Civitate. Right: Michael Thomas, Field Director of Poggio Colla.


Mugello Valley Archaeological Project - Poggio Colla Conference Participants

Michael Thomas, Field Director

Jess Galloway, Architect

Kathy Windrow, Web Designer/Administrator

Victoria Temple Harper, Cataloger


Jess Galloway drawing the Borromini model before dinner on the lake.


Papers presented by Mugello Valley Archaeological Project - Poggio Colla staff:

Web Designer Kathy Windrow's talk, "Presenting the Process: Issues in the Construction of an Archaeological Web Site," covered design, content, target audiences, and web-related academic issues, including publication. Architect Jess Galloway presented "Constructing a Site Survey" using both plan survey and topographic survey methods. During the final session, Michael Thomas presented a lecture entitled "Poggio Colla: Recent Excavations."


Scott Glenn and Victoria Temple Harper visit during the Saturday lunch break.


The group was wined and dined by our generous host Erik Nielsen,
President of Franklin College. Here, Jody Pinkley, Brian Bontempo,
Scott Glenn, and Tracy Bergstrom contemplate the dinner menu.


Left: flowers cascade over balconies in the heart of Lugano. Right: Mario Botta's architecture students built
a model of Borromini's church San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane to 1/2 scale on the edge of Lake Lugano.