Field Reports from the end of the 1998 Field Season
UNITS PC 1 & 13
Melissa Stoltz, Field Supervisor

Week 5 Report 1998

Field Supervisor Melissa Stoltz and Assistant Field Supervisor Richard Marius.

This week's excavation of Unit One did not entail a whole lot of work. In all three Loci, we excavated down to bedrock. There were few finds as we were typically excavating the stratum which is a sandy layer of decayed bedrock with few cultural artifacts.

The big excitement of the week started last Friday, when it was realized that the lower, older wall of Unit 1 may very well be contemporary to a wall in Unit 8. They are built in a very similar style and their elevations were such that it was thought that they may belong to the same building. In order to test this theory, it was decided that a small area to the east of Unit 1 should be excavated in the area where, should these walls belong to the same beuilding, they would connect.

Overview of Unit PC 1 and the extension showing three parallel
foundation walls. Left to right: Richard Marius, Kenyon Adams,
Jamie McInerney, and volunteer George Hirschorn.

And so begins the story of lucky Unit 13 (I'm told that this number actually is lucky in Italy). We started excavating a 2m x 1.5m unit in order to see if in fact we could find "The Corner". This all began less than one week before the end of excavation. With my mighty team of men, Richard Marius, Kenyon Adams, and the rookie Jamie McInerney, we have managed to excavate this area down to the level of the lower wall in three days.

It turns out that there does not appear to be a corner in this area. In fact, the wall seems to completely disappear. Tomorrow we will continue and finish excavation by removing stratum 4, the destruction level. I'm hoping that we will be able to finish this area and remove all of the soil to bedrock, but as this is the stratum where we tend to have a lot of finds, lucky number 13 may come through yet and provide us with any number of finds.


The photographs below show Units PC 1 and 13 at the end of the 1998 Field Season:

Unit PC 1 at the end of the 1998 season.


Detail of the three parallel walls in Unit PC 1.


Unit PC 1 (below) and Unit 13 (above).


View of Unit 13 showing large, lower block and wall of large blocks moving under later wall.


Field Reports from the end of the 1998 Field Season

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