Field Reports from the end of the 1998 Field Season
UNITS PC 10 & 11
Sarah Kupperberg, Field Supervisor

9 July 1998

Field Supervisor Sarah Kupperberg

Since my last weekly report, we have closed excavations in both Units 10 and 11. In Unit 11, we quickly discovered that bedrock is very shallow and that geo-prospective survey on the second terrace of the poggio is not a reliable or practical method of locating potential architectural features. The Unit 10 extension, which crosses a section of lower terrace wall, is also closed for the season, although we did no excavate all the way down to sterile soil. This area may be reopened in the future in order to learn more about terracing and fortifications on the poggio. Clues as to the nature and function of the second terrace may very well be hidden beneath the terrace surface, but for now we have learned that we must use a different approach to find them.

For the remainder of the season, we will excavate in Unit 12, another new trench, located at the northwestern edge of the poggio and overlooking the Mugello Valley.

Final pass of the extension of Unit PC 10.

The final pass in Unit PC 11 revealed bedrock.

View of the east terrace, the location of Units 10 and 11.

Field Reports from the end of the 1998 Field Season

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