Things always change at the last minute, but here is a tentative list of lectures and presentations.

All formal lectures (underlined) are at 6:45 PM in the lecture hall.

Sunday, June 24: Why are we here? (Staff)

Monday, June 25: Seventeen seasons at Poggio Colla (Warden)

Wednesday, June 27: Archaeological Record Keeping: Trench notebooks, Forms, and Databases (STAFF)

Thursday, June 28: ­ Cult and context at Poggio Colla (Warden)

Monday, July 2: Stratigraphy (Rask)

Tuesday, July 3: Cataloguing/Introduction to Lab (Meyers & Lab Staff)

Wednesday, July 5: Drawing Workshop (Boscarino)

Monday, July 9: Ceramics Workshop (Steiner & Naiman)

Tuesday, July 10: Settlement Archaeology (Meyers)

Wednesday, July 11: Tile and Roofing Systems (Meyers and Galloway)


Tuesday, July 17: ­­­ Architecture (Thomas)

Wednesday, July 19: Conservation (Lewis)

Friday, July 20: ­Bucchero Pottery (Perkins)

Wednesday, July 20: Overview of Ceramic Studies (Naiman)

Thursday, July 21: Archaeological mapping (Galloway)

Tuesday, July 31: “Romanization” (Thomas)

Wednesday, August 1: Season in Review (Staff)

Thursday, August 2: Farewell Dinner


After the lecture on survey, Jess Galloway gave a practicum on the hill;
here teaching Ted Clark to use the total station and data collector.