2009 STAFF

Prof. P. Gregory Warden, Southern Methodist University
Dr. Michael Thomas, University of Texas at Austin

Director of Research
Prof. Ann Steiner, Franklin and Marshall College

Director of Materials
Prof. Gretchen Meyers, Franklin and Marshall College

Jess Galloway, M.Arch., Booziotis and Co., Dallas

Consulting Scholars
Dr. Sara Bon-Harper, Monticello Dept. of Archaeology
Prof. Alexis Castor, Franklin and Marshall College
Prof. Ingrid Edlund-Berry, The University of Texas at Austin
Lynn Makowsky, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Prof. Stanley Mertzman, Franklin and Marshall College
Prof. Jenifer Neils, Case Western Reserve University
Prof. Phil Perkins, The Open University, London (UK)
Prof. David Romano, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Robert Sternberg, Franklin and Marshall College

Information Technology
Prof. Kathy Windrow, Southern Methodist University & Eastfield College

Archaeological Consultant
Dr. Fiammetta Calosi

Head Conservators
Chris White, Independent Conservator
Batyah Shtrum, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Anne Hooton, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
JoAnn Boscarino

Operations Manager
Robert Fulton

Housing Manager
Vanessa Paumen

Field Instructors
Aksel Casson, University of Washington
Ivo van der Graaff, University of Texas at Austin
Alvaro Ibarra, University of Texas at Austin

Field Supervisors
Andrea Summers, University of North Carolina
Cameron Turley, BA,
Southern Methodist University

Laboratory Fellows
Isabel St. Clair, Swarthmore College
Laura Hovenac, Florida State University

Stephanie Brown, New York University

Assistant Field Supervisors
Mathew Elverson, Guilford College
Michael Guarino,
Southern Methodist University
Nathaniel Erb-Satullo, Harvard University

Conservation Interns
Elizabeth Saetta, Buffalo State College
Elizabeth Rydzewski, Winterthur/University of Delaware


Greg Warden and Phil Perkins discuss finds from Trench NW 4


Greg Warden and Sara Bon-Harper at the Cateni dinner


Michael Thomas


F&M students , Gretchen Meyers, Ann Steiner, and Sam Houser


Ritual Breakage: Isa St. Clair, Mike Guarino, and Matt Elverson


Lynn Makowsky


Diane Warden with Sarah Bon-Harper and Gretchen Meyers


Photographer Stephanie Brown


Jess Galloway, Fiammetta Calosi, Andrea Summers and Alvaro Ibarra


Matthew Elverson surveying on Poggio Colla


Kathy Windrow (Information Technology & web photos)